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Read the final part of Mulan from the powerpoint.

Friday 12th February

To finish off our Mulan writing unit, today we would like you to write the ending to the story. You have two options…

Option 1

You can watch the two clips of the ending, but your writing must then be an alternative (different) ending. If you have already watched the film, this is probably the best option.


Option 2

Don’t watch the clips of the ending, and make up what you think happens at the end of the story. This would be a better option if you have never watched the film before.

Does Mulan manage to defeat Shan Yu, or is it too late and has his evil army already killed the Emperor? Will Mulan be accepted by Captain Shang, The Emperor, and most importantly, her family, after what she has done?


We have uploaded a power point, with a checklist of what to include in your writing and lots of examples. Go through this before you begin your writing today, and remember you can magpie ideas.