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Listen to the penultimate part of the story Mulan from the powerpoint

Group 1 and 2 


Thursday 11th February

After Mulan has been banished from the Army, she spots the leader of The Hun Army’s eagle flying through the sky. Mulan realises the Hun Army was not killed in the avalanche like they all thought, and rushes back to China to try and save the Emperor, who will now be in grave danger.


Activity 1

Today we would like you to pretend that Mulan and Captain Li Shang have mobile phones, and that Mulan is trying to text him to warn him of the imminent attack from The Hun Army.


We have uploaded a conversation between Mulan and Captain Shang, with lots of mistakes. We would like you to re-write the conversation, adding bits in if you like, correcting all of the mistakes.


You can write your corrected text on a separate document or in your book.


You must punctuate the conversation with capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, apostrophes, and commas. You also need to correct any spelling errors.