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Farm to Fork

Plasticine People

To support their understanding of our bodies and different parts of the body, the children created these wonderful mini people. Look closely and notice how many of the children even added a neck, elbow, wrist and knee joints to their mini-me's. 

Talk for Writing

The children have loved using their new microphones this week, as a tool to support their ability to orally compose sentences. The children have been busy innovating their Enormous Turnip story maps and are seen here using their microphones to rehearse their own original stories. I can't wait to read and share their tales of Colossal Carrots, Gigantic Beetroots and Massive Parsnips!

The 100 Club

The children have spent lots of time this week practising counting and writing numbers to 100. Some of the children have already joined the 100 club and most are now ready to take up the challenge. 

Food Scanning

The children had a great time using 'Change4Life's' food scanner app to find out how much sugar is contained in different foods. We have also been investigating food miles. Some of the children wrote lists to show where our everyday foods are grown, created or produced.

Toast & Tales

Come and join us on a Wednesday morning for our new 'Toast & Tales' reading session. A lovely opportunity to promote a love of shared reading, with the added bonus of enjoying a tasty slice of toast - what better way to start a mid-week morning!

Tasting Tea Party

On Friday the children all took part in a tasting tea party - a chance to taste some new tangy, sweet, sour and peppery flavours. The children all rose to the challenge and enjoyed the experience even though, as you can tell from some of these faces, they didn't like some of the flavours on offer! 

The Eatwell Plate

On Tuesday we welcomed Adelle into our class. Adelle is a dietician and she taught us all about the eatwell plate and how to make healthy food choices by eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables.

The Enormous Turnip

This half term our focus text is 'The Enormous Turnip'. We went outside to investigate how it would feel to heave an enormous turnip from the ground.