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Field to Fork

Spring 2 Newsletter

Spring Family Fiesta

What a splendid way to celebrate the end of our 'Field to Fork' topic. Thank you all so much for joining us in making this such a successful event. Your spring mini-dishes were amazing - I hope the children impressed you with their newly developed chopping, grating and peeling skills.

The 100 Nights Reading Club

A very big well done to these children who have all recently received their 100 nights reading badges! I wonder who'll be next?

How Clean are your Hands?

A big thank you to Mrs Gates who visited our classroom on Thursday. Mrs Gates is a real-life micro-biologist! The children learnt more about germs and bacteria and Mrs Gates was very impressed with our understanding of good hand hygiene - great work Year 1!

Making Sandwiches

Following on from yesterday's bread making session, today we each made a sandwich! This was a good chance to, once again, practise using knives safely to chop salad vegetables. We also extended our food preparation skills by spreading butter onto bread and carefully grating cheese. We did a great job and really enjoyed eating the sandwiches, with our friends, outside in the sunshine!

Bread Making

Today, we learnt how to make bread. After making and proving our dough we learnt how to knead and prepared our own buns ready for baking when we got home.

'Trashion' Show - back stage pics!

To celebrate the end of our recycling themed week, children and their families were challenged to design and create a catwalk worthy outfit or accessory using only 'trash' - all the things you would usually put into the bin! We were amazed by your creations - there are definitely some budding fashion designers among you! Thank you so much for taking part and making this event so successful. 

Fresh and Funky Fruit Kebabs

This afternoon, we each made our own fruit kebab. We were able to practise peeling and chopping different fruits before carefully threading them onto wooden skewers and enjoying a healthy classroom picnic. 

World Book Day - Drop it and Read!

Hand Hygiene

Fruit and Vegetable Tasting