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Use your Phase 5 mat from your paper pack. Can you name all the sounds?

Challenge: Choose 3 sounds and write them into a word. Can you put that word into a sentence?

Phonics and Literacy


Today we want you to create an information fact file about your favourite farm animal from our story ‘What the Ladybird Heard’.  Can your research fantastic facts about your favourite farm animal and create a fact file poster? We can’t wait to see them!



Number bonds to 20 challenge!


How many pairs of numbers can you think of that make 20?


You have 7 minutes to get as many as you can!





Archery Arithmetic - https://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/399/Archery-Arithmetic-Multiplication - Can you get a bullseye by finding the answers to the doubles? Click single player year 1 doubles to practise. Good luck!

Shoe Shop Multiplication – Today, I want you to go on a shoe hunt around the house and bring back lots of shoes for your shoe shop – they must be in pairs.

Ask someone to visit your shop and choose some different pairs of shoes. Line them up in your shop.  Count your shoes in 2’s.

E.g. 2 4 6…. 3 lots of 2 = 6…….3 x 2 = 6…… 2+2+2 = 6

Have fun!



Let’s learn to focus on the formation of our letters b, d, h, l, & t.  Watch the video with your teacher modelling our lovely letter formation and join in!


Choose a book to read from your reading pack or eCollins library to read and share at home.  Can you share a video of you reading your story? Please record the title in your yellow home school diary.



Choose an exciting activity from our Julia Donaldson activity pack!


Enjoy a special Julia Donaldson story on our Torrisolme TV – Story Time! Enjoy lots of stories written by the author Julia Donaldson