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Friday 8th January


Take a look at Mrs Robinson's video and learn a new sound today! Make sure you have a piece of paper and a pencil to join in. 

Phonics with Mrs Robinson - v


Watch Miss Shepherd's video and join in with her 'stair blending' game. You will need to make the sound cards for each of these sounds: a, e, f, g, i, j, m, n, o, s, t, v, w and x. 

Concentrate on building the words:

jet, van, fox, wet, jam, vet, six and wig.  

Take some videos and send them to us on Evidence me - we can't wait to see!

Stair blending game

Watch Miss Shepherd's video where she explains all about the fun literacy activity today. Have fun!


Grab your paper packs and cut out the cards. Choose a picture card and count the objects carefully, slowly and by touching each one. Find the correct number to match them.


Mrs Rawnsley has got a challenge for you - Can you become number detectives? Look at the pictures below, you need to see which ones have the correct number next to them and which ones have the wrong number next to them. See if you can change them all to the correct number. Remember - count slowly!  


Wider Curriculum

Grab the junk in your house and see if you can make a junk model snowman. Take your time, make sure you cover your box. Use glue or cellotape to attach things. Don't forget to add features like: eyes, pointy nose, stick arms, scarf and a hat. Take a look at the one Mrs McDonald has made!