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Friyay 17 April CHALLENGE

Friyay hellooooo

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Hahaha listen to the radio banging away in the background! The soundtrack to our days and cooking fun!

Cup Chuck Challenge 


You will need:

  • 6 identical containers 
  • small, identical items to throw (I used 1 pack of Squashies which contained 7 sweets)
  • paper/post-its
  • pen

Game setup:

  • Use the paper to label each cup as shown in the photo. The numbers represent the points you score if you throw an item into that cup.
  • Position the cups as shown in the photo so cup 1 is closer to you in the centre. Cups 2 are behind, either side of cup 1 and so on. Cups 5 are furthest away.
  • Set an agreed distance from the cups to throw from. This could be increased as you perfect your technique. I was about 60cm away from Cup 1.
  • Agree a reward for a certain number of points (>10? >12?) 
  • Play and record your shots!

The setup

How to Play

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First attempt

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Slightly higher scoring second go

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Third time lucky?

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Score board

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