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Helpful Hoglets


During this topic, we shall be learning all about our cute, little hedgehog friends. We shall research their physical features and characteristics, their diet, habitat and their winter hibernation.  We shall consider why their numbers have been reduced and learn how we can help and encourage them to survive in our locality.

We will also use the cliché​d 'Why did the hedgehog cross the road?' jokes to focus on the important topic of road safety. We will role play crossing the road safely, design posters and make our own raps, to share the rules of crossing the road safely.


​We welcome any 'hedgehog' jokes!

Click on the links below to learn more. frown


Look at our lovely window display! Meet Max and Petunia.

We have researched lots of interesting information from non-fiction texts about hedgehogs and created our own non-chronological reports! They are definitely worth a read.

WOW! Fred has mad an amazing hedgehog home with his dad at home. It is phenomenal. Well done, Fred!

Lee has made these at home with his nanna! How exquisite. Well done, Lee!

We have been practicing our sewing skills to create our very own hedgehog decoration!