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Wednesday 21st October

Its our last day of home learning before being back together at school. We are so proud of all of you for working so hard at home. We look forward to seeing all your work for today! 


Story and a Challenge with Mrs Robinson

Listen to Mrs Robinson's story and have a go at her lift the flap book challenge!


Can you go on a hunt around your house and find all of the items on the list? Use your maths knowledge to help you! 

Wider Curriculum

Today in your pack you have got an outdoor scavenger hunt sheet. If you fancy an indoor hunt instead have a go at Mrs Rawnsleys challenge;

Mrs Rawnsleys Sound Hunt

Extra Den Building Challenge

Fancy making a den today like the grown ups from school have done? You can cosy up and a read stories in your den too!

Story time with Mrs McDonald!

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Tuesday 20th October

Welcome to another day of home learning. We have got more exciting activities today for you and hope you enjoy them. Miss Shepherd and Mrs Robinson are so excited to see how you get on with today's challenges!

Literacy - Phonics

Enjoy phonics today with Miss Shepherd and learn a new sound!

Phonics - n

Learn a new phonics sound with Miss Shepherd - we are focusing on the n sound today

Join in with Sid’s blending game! Carefully listen to him sound talking some words and see if you can blend the sounds together to see which object he is saying!

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Have a look on the two following websites to watch some more videos about our new sound 'n'. You could even try and write out new sound using: chalk, whiteboard and pen, pencil and paper or you could try and write it in some shaving foam! Remember our new phrase "down Nobby and over his net."


Following on from your paper pack shape activity, Mrs McDonald has an extra activity for you. Can you make a picture using the shapes: rectangle, triangle, circle and square? Look at Mrs McDonald's examples.

Challenge - you could add pentagons and hexagons if you wish too!

Wider Curriculum - movement (Yoga)

Head over to YouTube and take part in a Cosmic Yoga video. You can choose any video you like - there is a Dinosaur one below to try if you wish. Remember to relax and breathe slowly! 

Kids Yoga with Dinosaurs | Cosmic Kids

Storytime with Mrs Robinson - Guess How Much I Love You

Watch until the end as Mrs Robinson has an extra challenge for you! Can you do a random act of kindness? Can you show someone how much you love them by helping them? Maybe hoovering, tidying, setting the table, washing up, looking after a pet, helping with a sibling etc. Enjoy being kind to people today!

Monday 19th October

Welcome to week 2 of home learning everybody! We are SO proud of all the things you achieved last week and we hope you’re just as enthusiastic about the final few days of home learning. We are counting down the sleeps until we are back in school together - 3 more sleeps to go! Take a look at your activities for today - we hope you have lots of fun! Don’t forget to share them with us on Evidence Me or via email.

In your home learning pack you should find an initial sound activity. Here's Mrs Robinson with an initial sound quiz to get you warmed up.

Mrs Robinson's Sound Quiz

Today we're focusing on patterns! Patterns often repeat themselves over and over again. Sometimes a colour repeats red, blue, red, blue or sometimes the size big, small, big, small or even the object apple, banana, apple, banana. Mrs Thornburrow has used some things from around her home to create patterns - can you say the pattern that's repeating in each photo?
Now its your turn! Have fun finding things in your home to create patterns. We can't wait to see some photos of the patterns that you make.

Wider Curriculum - Creative and Story telling

Listen to Mrs McDonald’s story and see what challenge she has for you! 

The Three Little Pigs read by Mrs McDonald

The story of The Three Little Pigs

Challenge for The Three Little Pigs

Can you make your own puppets and retell the story of The Three Little Pigs? Make sure you have: the pigs and the wolf. Look at Mrs McDonald's examples.

Friday 16th October
Hello everyone, I hope you're all excited for another day of fun learning involving stories, shapes and small world! You have been working SO hard over the past few days and we can tell from your photos that you're having a great time learning at home. We can't wait to see what you get up to today.


Following in from your ‘time to talk’ sheets in your paper pack. Miss Shepherd has read a story for you, snuggle up and get Cody whilst listening to her story! At the end she focuses on her favourite page and asks you to join in by answering some questions about that page! We hope you enjoy and make sure you have your listening ears on during the story.

Talking about a story with Miss Shepherd

Miss Shepherd reads 'Snail and the Whale' and then focused on one page to talk about. Enjoy the story!

Today your challenge is to go on a shape hunt around your house looking for 2D shapes - circles, triangles, squares and rectangles. Mrs Robinson has been hunting for shapes in her house and has taken some photos of them. Do you know which shape each item is?

Shapes Song

Have a list to this 2D shape song too! Its one of our favourites to sing in school.

Wider Curriculum - Storytelling with Characters
Today you have been challenged to use some items and characters from around your home to tell stories. Where is your story set? The beach, the shops or in a town? Who are your characters and what are their names? What will happen in your story? What will your characters say to each other? Mrs Thornburrow has created her very own setting and story to give you some great ideas - watch below.

Mrs Thornburrow's Storytelling

Thursday 15th October 

Good morning boys and girls. We are super excited for another day of home learning and have more activities ready for today. We are SO proud of what you've been doing so far - it has been lovely to see lots of pictures, emails and videos of what you have been doing. Keep going, Reception, you're amazing! 

Literacy - Name Writing

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Can you practise writing your name! Watch Mrs Rawnsley’s video - it shows you how you can turn your name into a rainbow. Grab lots of felt tips or pencil crayons and have a go! Check the back of your sound book for our letter formation phrases!


Following on from your paper pack counting activity. Mrs McDonald challenges you to do some counting around your house! Take a look at what she's done...

Mrs McDonald has been counting objects from around her home. Can you count how many she has? Can you read the number to tell your grown up how many objects there are?

Oh no! Mrs McDonald ran out of sticky notes so she couldn't label how many objects she had! Can you count how many objects there are in each picture and write it down?

Now see if you can count objects from around your home! See how many pieces of fruit are in the fruit bowl, how many toys you have or how many books! You can count absolutely anything! Good luck! 

Wider Curriculum - ICT

If you haven't already, you will need to download the ChatterPix or ChatterKids app from the app store. 

Take a ChatterPix picture of a family member, pet, favourite toy - anything you like! Press the next button, draw a line on your objects mouth and record yourself telling us something interesting about your chosen item. Make sure you rehearse your sentence first. 

You can edit your ChatterPix by adding text and a filter. Look at Golden Bear's example below.  


Golden Bear’s ChatterPix

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Story time with Miss Shepherd

Snuggle up, get cosy and comfy and get ready for a story with Miss Shepherd

Wednesday 14th October

It's Wednesday already - wow! Well done on all of your home learning so far this week. It has been so lovely to see so many of you enjoying the activities. Keep up the hard work and take a look at what activities are in store for you today. 

Miss Shepherd and Mrs Robinson smiley


Mrs Robinson has a phonics lesson for you today. Join in with her and Sid and get ready to learn a new sound!

Have a look on the following two websites to watch some more fun videos about our new sound i. Maybe you could use some paper or a whiteboard and have a go at writing i using our new phrase. "down the body, dot for a head"


Today, we would like you to sing along to some Maths songs on YouTube. Type in 'Kids TV 123' into the YouTube search bar and enjoy a range of songs. Here are some examples below for you. 

Underneath the songs are another online resource which you could take a look at! 

Let's Count up to Ten - Counting Song

10 Little Numbers

Maths - Ten Town

Now that you have enjoyed some counting songs. You could explore the 'Ten Town' website. Click the link below and play the games for Zero Pond, King One, Tommy Two and more. Each number character has its own story, song and games to play. We have emailed you with your log in for this website, please check your emails for this. 

Ten town characters

Wider Curriculum


Get your paper and pens ready to draw a fantastic detailed person! Here's some top tips from Mrs Thornburrow. Will you person have long or short hair? Don't forget the eyelashes. What will your person wear? Will it be a uniform like Mrs Thornburrows or a party dress? What will your person be holding? Have lots of fun and send us your finished designs.

Tuesday 13th October

Hello and happy Tuesday to everyone! Mrs Robinson and Miss Shepherd here. We hope you're ready for another fun day of learning at home. Todays activities are below and we're already looking forward to seeing photos of you busy at work. Remember to try your best and have fun!


How To Draw Activity

One of todays home learning challenges is to practise drawing. Heres some top tips from Mrs Robinson.


Today, we challenge you to go on a number hunt around your house. Try and find items that have number 1-10 on them. Once you have collected all of the items, see if you can put them in the correct order. Miss Shepherd has had a go at this - look at what she found! 


Wider Curriculum - Dance

Put on some music and make up your own dance by putting some dance moves together. You could always follow a 'Children's Just Dance' video on YouTube if you wish, there is an example of one below. We would LOVE to see any videos of your new dances. 

Just Dance Kids 2014 I Like To Move It

Monday 12th October

Hello and welcome to the first day of home learning. It's Miss Shepherd and Mrs Robinson here, we hope you're excited for your activities today! Take a look below to see today's activities. smiley



Head over to the 'Phonics Play' website (see link below) and play the Super Smoothie game. This is a Phase 1 game which focuses on the initial sound in words. Children have to identify the object that begin with the same sound as another object. 

For this website you will need to log in using the details:


Username: march20

Password: home


In your paper packs, you will find a copy of numbers 1-10. Cut these out and see if you can name all of these numbers. Then put them in the correct order. If you have not had chance to collect your packs yet, you could always make your own number cards! smiley

Challenge - try to recognise and order numbers 1-20

Wider Curriculum

Grab lots of junk in your house and make a junk model house! Try to add all of the features that a house has: doors, windows, a roof, chimney etc. Below are some ideas for inspiration!