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Broomstick Lesson by Grace. What an exciting lesson! I wish I could teach you how to ride a broomstick! I wish I knew how?

Emily's super work! I love the ending to her Secret Lake story and some great use of conjunctions in her Harry Potter writing.

Spencer's Harry Potter work

Arcimboldo Gallery

Beautiful descriptive phrases by Grace

I love your character descriptions, Grace!

Muy Bien, Jessica!

Emily's well thought out zone of relevance for Tom and Stella and character profiles, Spanish colours and great history research. Excellent work Emily!

Charlie G has been a super sizzling scientist investigating reflections. He also wrote some fabulous noun phrases for his own Minecraft setting. Great work, Charlie!

Alice has been completing a Victorian Timeline and making a Victorian Soldier toy. Great work, Alice.

All about Queen Victoria

Alice and Jessica have been making tortillas together through Facetime. They look delicious girls.

Grace has been matching Roman Numerals

Secret Lake Descriptions

Origami Rhododendrons

Rhododendron drawings

Drawings of the setting from a descriptive paragraph