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Hello 1S

Hello all and welcome to our brand new home learning page!I'll be checking in with you here each day, posting little challenges and top tips for how to be independent home learners. I've always believed that good learning should be seen as a partnership between school and home so let's test that theory and prove that, as a class, we've got what it takes to continue our year 1 learning journey together.

Please, please e-mail me on year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk. I want to see photos of you all and lots of examples of what you are getting up to at home - I can't wait to hear from you!

Mrs Scholey xx 

Friday 5th June 2020 (5.6.20)

Good morning 1S! Today, Mrs Dickinson and I have hopped in the car and taken ourselves off on a fact finding mission for our upcoming 'memory box' topic (very exciting!). Luckily, Theo has kindly agreed to take over our challenges today and he's put together a 'pick & mix' selection of fun seasidey things to do. I've had a sneaky peek and they are brilliant - over to you Theo!smiley

Challenge: Pick & Mix fun with Theo

1. How many stones in the jar?

I've collected lots of stones at the beach. Can you estimate how many I managed to fit into my jar?

2. Seaside addition & subtraction

I decided to use some of my seaside treasures to make some number sentences. Can you solve these additions and subtractions? Maybe you could make some of your own using your own seaside finds!

3. Seaside in a jar.

After spending a fun day scavenging for seaside treasures, I decided to put my collection to good use by making a fantastic ornamental jar as a reminder of my time at the beach. If you would like to make one then here's how to do it!  

Thursday 4th June 2020 (4.6.20)

Good morning 1S! It's been great to hear from so many of you this week, it looks like you are really enjoying our seaside challenges. The gallery is looking great - full of wonderful photos of you all looking happy and carefree on the beach. I am also enjoying receiving your 'wonder wall' questions and answers. It's good to see that you have inquiring minds that want to know more. yes I've added a few more questions today, courtesy of Edward and Theo so make sure you take a look!

Challenge: Say hello to Magic Grandad!

Today we are going to take a step back in time with Magic Grandad! Follow the link below to enjoy a magical seaside adventure – take a stroll down the promenade and learn more about beach holidays in the past.

Make a list of all the interesting things you found out.

Was there anything that surprised you?

Would you like to know more?

Do you have a question for the ‘wonder wall’?

Wednesday 3rd June 2020 (3.6.20)


Good morning 1S! It's a bit of a wet and drizzly day but don't worry, we really need the rain at the moment to help our plants, flowers and vegetables grow so let's celebrate this and take the time to enjoy a little bit of indoor fun instead! I still need more of you to send in photos of yourselves having fun on the beach for our gallery (I've added mine!) and we've got a great seaside challenge planned to keep you all busy for a while! Also, Audra has added to question to our 'wonder wall', which you might like to investigate (you'll find this in the gallery) - don't forget to send me your thoughts. laugh

Challenge: Human or physical?

Take a look at the pictures below, they show some of the main features that can be found at a seaside location.

Can you identify each of the features?

Can you identify which of them are human features and which of them are physical? Can you sort them?

Can you think of anymore features that could be added to each list?

Top Tip: Remember - Human features are man made or created by humans. Physical features are natural they are not created by humans.

Tuesday 2nd June 2020 (2.6.20)

Good morning 1S! Thank you for joining me again, here at the seaside. The sun is shining and the sky is blue and I've already received some photos of you having fun on the beach.yes Isn't the beach a great place to be? There's just so much to see and do here!

You're going to need to put your thinking caps on for today's challenge as I'm going to ask you two tricky questions!

Challenge: What do you already know? What do you want to know?

What do you already know about the seaside? Write a list and/or draw and label pictures to show what you know. Think about what you might see, do, smell, hear, taste. What are the main features of a seaside location?

What do you want to know about the seaside? If you have a question, write it down and we’ll start a ‘wonder wall’ – a shared space where questions can be answered!

I’ve already added a question to our 'wonder wall' (see below) – you could do some research and see if you can find out the answer for me!

Monday 1st June 2020 (1.6.20)

Good morning 1S! Welcome back to our final half term. I hope you all enjoyed a relaxing week off in the sunshine and are now feeling recharged and raring to go! As you've just read, myself and Mrs Dickinson have packed our bags taken ourselves off for a fun-filled trip to the seaside and we'd love all of you to come too! 

Challenge: Pack your suitcase

It’s time to pack your suitcase and get ready to join us. Besides everyday items like clothes, underwear & toiletries etc, what other 5 items would you pack that are essential for a trip to the seaside? See what I packed below -

*Have you been on a seaside holiday before? We’d love to see a photo of you enjoying a day at the beach – if you have one then send it in and I’ll display them in the gallery.

Monday 25th May 2020 (25.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Happy half term holiday to you all.laugh As promised, please find below a pick and mix selection of active challenges for you to dip in and out of if you need a little time filler or some extra inspiration for how to fill your days. Have fun and remember I will still be checking my emails so feel free to keep me updated with your holiday adventures.

Pick & mix active challenges!

  • Let's get active! Share a photo of your active activities. Did you go on a bike ride? Play football in your garden? Jog along the prom? Work out with Jo? Whatever you do I'd like to see it!
  • When you are out and about, see if you can spy something beginning with each letter from your first name and surname. This fab idea was magpied from Nathan in 1D - here's his list! Net, Aldi, tree, house, acer, nettle, Bench, river, obstacle course, oak tree, kerb, egg, slow sign!
  • Practise your ball skills...how many times can you throw and catch, bounce and catch, roll and retrieve, keepy up or aim into a target? Can you do it 100 times?
  • Create an activity path outside your house for you and your family members (or anyone else who might be walking by!) to complete. Think about what active challenges you might want to include...balance on a line, hop, spin, touch your toes, jump, stretch...the choice is yours! Take a look at the example below made by Mrs Dickinson's daughter, Ellie, if you need more inspiration - it's fab! 





Spring blossoms in full bloom outside school!

Friday 22nd May 2020 (22.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Not only has Friday come around again but it is also the last day of this half term - where has the time gone? Thank you for all of your hard work over the past few weeks - you've all been amazing and you certainly deserve a little break. However, if you're stuck for something to do or feel at a bit of a loose end then myself and Mrs Dickinson have decided to put together a little menu of 'pick & mix' style activities aimed at keeping you active - I will post them here on Monday morning but remember there's no pressure to complete them! Also, if you need to get in touch or want to send in a little update then please do, I will still be watching my emails! smiley

Challenge: The Wishing Chair

Do you remember this story and all the wonderful adventures that we shared with Peter and Molly and Binky? Well, today I'd like you to innovate that story by designing your own piece of magical furniture. It could be a wishing bed, a table, a rug or even a toilet! laugh What would it look like? How would it fly? Where would it take you? Draw, colour and label the main features of your magical piece of wishing furniture.

Also, if you follow the link below it will take you to a series of classic animated stories based on Enid Blyton's famous book - I can remember watching them with Milli when she was small!


Thursday 21st May 2020 (21.5.20)

Good morning 1S! How are you all feeling today? Remember, even if you're feeling a bit blue or red bucket that feeling doesn't have to last all day! Take yourself off for a 'mindful minute' - sit quietly in a calm space, look at something beautiful, listen to your favourite song or go for a walk around your outdoor space. Do something that makes you feel good but don't forget to notice when that red or blue fog has lifted and you suddenly start feeling more green bucket again!smiley

Remember - It's ok not to feel ok!

Challenge: Write a review

For today's challenge I'd like you to head over to Oxford Owl -

Username: torrisholme

Password: Year1S

Choose a book - it could be one you've read before, an old favourite or something new. Enjoy reading your selected book either quietly to yourself or out loud to someone else (or do it both ways!).

Write a review for your book. You can either use the template I've added below or create your own - the choice is yours!

heart HAPPY READING heart

Wednesday 20th May 2020 (20.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Isn't lovely to see the return of blue skies and sunshine? I hope you are all going to take some time to get out and about today.

You are all doing so well with this week's challenges - great work! It's good to know that you are all still willing to rise to a challenge. yes

Today's challenge is a little bit different and will test your inference and prediction skills and I'd like to thank Edward for providing the inspiration for this! smiley

Challenge: What's happening and what will happen next?

Watch the short video below.

What can you see? Do you know what these are? What do you already know? What is happening? What will happen next? Can you find out more?

Write your ideas and maybe add little pictures to show your understanding of this magical event.

videoSharingFinalOutput (1).MOV

Still image for this video

Tuesday 19th May 2020 (19.5.20)

Good morning 1S! It's a bit wet and miserable outside this morning but my weather app tells me it's going to brighten up this afternoon...hooray!yes With this in mind, my top tip for the day is to make sure you get all of your home learning tasks out of the way this morning so that you are free for some outdoor fun and games this afternoon!laugh

Today's challenge has been inspired by the work you sent me yesterday as I was so impressed with your use of powerful synonyms.

Challenge: Word 'o' meters

Attached below are 3 lists of synonyms for over-used words; nice, happy and small. Your job is to put these synonyms onto a word 'o' meter in order of their power - placing the most powerful synonym at the top!

Remember - there are no right or wrong answers!

You could print the word lists (if you have access to a printer!) and cut them out or carefully copywrite the words onto strips of paper.

You can make your word 'o' meter out of a strip of masking tape (just as we did in class) or you could use a long strip of paper.

Remember to stretch yourself by using your phonic decoding skills to help you build, blend and read the words.

Extra challenge: I have sneaked a 'red herring' into each word list - I wonder if you can spot it?

Synonym lists

Monday 18th May 2020 (18.5.20)

Good morning 1S! It's a brand new week week of home learning, which means we need a brand new focus. Following on from the success of maths week, where you all proved you were able to stretch your learning muscles and retrieve the information you needed to succeed, I've decided to give this week a literacy focus. Don't worry I'm not going to be asking you to write stories (not unless you want to, of course!)instead we are going to be focusing on developing our word level and composition skills and our inference and prediction skills.

Challenge: Being Big!

Firstly fold a piece of paper into four sections (remember - corner to corner, edge to edge and then repeat).

Study the image below and complete each of the 4 tasks, presenting 1 in each section of your paper.

TOP TIP - Before you start writing, visualise our 4 non-negotiable's - capital letters, full stops, finger spaces and tidy handwriting and our bank of star words - use these to support you.

1. Create a title for the image as if it was on the front cover of a story book. Remember you want people to read the book so the title has to hook them in!

2. Write the opening sentence for this brand new book. Again, think about how you are going to hook in the reader. Use interesting adjectives and power words (a thesaurus might be useful here!).

3. Use adjectives to describe the scene. Try to paint a picture with your words.

4. Imagine you are the boy in the picture - what would you be thinking, feeling, saying?

EXTRA CHALLENGE: The word 'big' is banned!  

Friday 15th May 2020 (15.5.20)

Good morning 1S! How can it be Friday again?? This week has zoomed by...I wonder if that's because I've been spending my afternoons chatting and laughing and catching up with all of you?laugh A couple of highlights from yesterdays calls were - Theo lost his tooth!!! And, Harry sang to me on his karaoke machine! laugh

If I haven't caught up with you yet then today could be your lucky day!

So, today marks the end of maths week.yes You've all worked so hard - proving that you really are 'marvellous mathematicians!' With this in mind, I'm stepping things up a gear...today you can choose from 3 challenges - Hard, harder or hardest!

Who will be brave enough to take on the hardest challenge? I can't wait to find out!

Remember - good learning is not about getting all the answers correct. It's about trying your best and putting in 100% effort.wink





Thursday 14th May 2020 (14.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Apologies for being a little late in getting going today - my computer decided to run the longest ever update but I'm all good to go now! I had another lovely afternoon yesterday spent chattering away and listening to all your lockdown news. A big thank you to those of you whom I've already spoken to - hearing your happy voices really does fill my bucket and it sounds like you're all having so much fun!

I've been really impressed with how you are approaching this weeks maths challenges - it's good to see that you are still able to use and apply so many of the skills that we learnt together in class.

Challenge: Hard or harder!

Remember - read the problems very carefully and don't rush! Think carefully about what you are going to need to support your problem solving and most importantly stretch yourself. The best learning happens when it feels hard!



Wednesday 13th May 2020 (13.5.20)

Good morning 1S! I had such a lovely day yesterday catching up with some of you - it was great to hear your happy chatter again! Remember, my aim is to contact you all this week - I've got a couple of children to catch up on but I'm now up to 'H' in my register so today could be your lucky day!

Many thanks for all your responses to yesterday's maths challenge. As you are all doing so well I've decided to set 2 challenges today! The first is hard and the second is harder. You don't have to do them both but you do have to stretch yourself so if you complete the hard one and feel like you didn't step out of your comfort zone then try the harder challenge.

Challenges: Hard or harder - you decide!

Remember you must read the problems carefully before you start. Break them down into smaller steps and think about what you need to know first. Concrete resources and representations are super important so make good use of them - use them to check your calculations and to prove your answers are correct.



Tuesday 12th May 2020 (12.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Hope you are all feeling bright and breezy and ready for some more maths fun - more on that in a minute! 'SPOILER ALERT'...By now you all should have received an email from Mrs Penney. Over the course of the next few days you will all be picking up a very special phonecall from...me! I'm super excited and I hope you are too - won't it be lovely to have a catch up and hear each others voices again. My plan is to ring you all at some point this week. I will be working in register order so if your names are at the start then expect a call today or tomorrow, if they are towards the end then you will hear from me on Thurday or Friday. Don't worry if you are out or busy because I can easily call you back! smiley

Ok, back to today's challenge. I was very impressed with the responses I received for yesterday's 'true or false' problem so let's jump into our stretch zones and find out more about todays!

Challenge: Crocodile Comparisons

Take a look at the calculations below. Are they additions or subtractions? How do you know? Think carefully about the steps needed to complete each comparison.  

TOP TIP - you need to solve the calculations before you can compare them with the inequality crocodile.

How are you going to solve the calculations? How will you represent the numbers? Will you use a part whole model or an empty number line? Remember - I'm looking for proof that what your telling me is correct so make sure I can clearly see how you have solved each one. Have fun!


Monday 11th May 2020 (11.5.20)

Good morning 1S! I hope you all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend and had lots of VE Day inspired fun. Many thanks to those of you who sent in 'We'll Meet Again' messages - I'm sure they will have spread a lot of joy!

OK, it's a new week of home learning and this week is... MATHS WEEK! Hurray, I hear you all cry - we love maths, Mrs Scholey!heart

Each day this week I will be posting a reasoning and problem solving question. Remember, this style of question requires you to work through the problem by using what you know. You are proving to me how you know the answer!

Challenge: True or false?

Read the problem carefully.

What is a number bond?

What resources do you need to support you?

What does the word 'systematic' mean and will this change how you lay out your work?

Which part of the problem are you going to investigate first?

This is a stretch zone challenge 1S - it's supposed to get you thinking! It's about using your resources to investigate and find out more. Make sure you record your work clearly so that I can follow it.wink 


Friday 8th May 2020 (8.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Happy VE Day - I hope you've all got a few exciting activities planned to commemorate the day. I've just been outside for a VE Day dance with all my neighbours, which was such a lovely thing to do!

Thank you so much to those of you who have sent in VE Day inspired 'We'll Meet Again' messages - I loved reading them and I know they will spread a lot of joy amongst our little community. They will be live in the gallery shortly! Don't panic if you haven't sent your message in yet, there's still time to get involved, just send them over when you're ready and i'll keep updating the gallery. yes

Challenge: Enjoy VE Day!

As it's officially a Bank Holiday today there is no challenge other than to enjoy your VE Day celebrations and to take joy from reading each others' 'We'll Meet Again' messages - have fun 1S!

Thursday 7th May 2020 (7.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Today I need your help in bringing together a special VE Day inspired challenge - here's what you need to know. One of the most famous songs of the second world war era was sung by a lady now known as Dame Vera Lynn. It was called 'We'll Meet Again' and was popular amongst both soldiers and their families who were waiting patiently for the day when they would see each other again. Whilst the song may sound a little old fashioned to us today it's hopeful message of togetherness remains important, especially today, when so many of us find ourselves seperated from our family and friends.

With this in mind, I'd like us to use the message of this song to spread some hope and joy amongst our little 1S community.

Challenge: 'We'll meet again' messages

Today I want you to write a message of hope and positivity inspired by the lyrics of Dame Vera Lynn's famous song. Think about who you miss the most. It could be a family member or a friend, your classmates or other members of our school family - it's totally up to you!

Write your message clearly on a piece of decorated A4 paper or card, sticking to a red, white and blue theme so that it ties in with tomorrow's VE Day celebrations.

Begin your message with the words 'We'll meet again...'

Ask a grown up to take a photo of you holding your message and send it to me. I'll post them all in our gallery so that everyone can see them and we can spread some hope and joy. If you all join in I could put my editing skills to good use and turn them into a little video clip so it's over to you!

I've put together a couple of examples below and I've also added a link for you to follow to listen to Dame Vera Lynn's song.


Wednesday 6th May 2020 (6.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Thank you for all your learning updates this week - you are all so busy! Lots of you have enjoyed taking part in my 'memory box' challenges, which is great. I've personally loved seeing how many of you have used the people and objects as a starting point for your own threads of interest - that's what being a history detective is all about! So, on Monday I asked you what you thought linked our 'memory box' photos together. Lots of you guessed that we had travelled back to World War 2 to the point in time where our country celebrated the end of the war in Europe - well done! We call this day VE Day and on Friday we, as a nation, will commemorate the 75th anniversary of this significant event in our history. 75 years ago people organised huge celebratory street parties. I wonder what it felt like to be there...

Challenge: Step into the past.

Featured below are photographs from three different street parties. First of all I want you to use your history detective skills to find out more - can you answer these questions?

What is the same and what is different about the parties?

What do you notice about the communities of people who have come together to celebrate VE Day?

Do all the people look happy?

What do you think they are eating?

Do you think there would have been lots of party foods, presents and games? What do you think these would be?

Now that you've really studied each of the photographs I want you to close your eyes and imagine you are at one of those parties...

What might the children and adults be saying to each other? Write your ideas in speech bubbles.

What might they be thinking? Write these ideas in thought bubbles and finally...

How are the children and adults feeling? Are they all happy or are some of them sad? Why? Write these ideas inside a heart shape.



Tuesday 5th May 2020 (5.4.20)

Good morning 1S! It's another beautiful blue sky day. I still can't believe how fantastic the weather has been over the past few weeks. I've really enjoyed having the time to notice the onset of spring...flowers and trees blossoming into life...lambs frolicking in the fields and birds busily going about their business. It's important that we remember to feel grateful for these small everyday events, that we usually take for granted, as they can make us feel good, which in turn keeps our green buckets topped up! Try it and see if it works for you.

Today we are going to be opening our memory box again - I hope you're ready to step back in time and learn more about the past.

Challenge: History detectives

Yesterday you saw a photograph of this gentleman.


Today I want you to find out more about him.

Who is he? What was his name? When was he born? Where did he live? What was his job? Why is he remembered as a significant person from our past? Why is he included in our memory box and what links him to the other objects and people we found in there?

You can present this to me in the form of a fact file, an information poster, a Chatterpix or even a short video presentation - the choice is yours! I'd also love it if you had a go a drawing him. This would be a good opportunity to practise your pencil drawing skills, using thick and thin, light and dark pencil lines to create a pencil portrait. Over to you - I can't wait to see the results!

Monday 4th May 2020 (4.5.20)

Good morning 1S!I hope you all enjoyed a lovely weekend and are now ready to start our 7TH WEEK of home learning together - WOW! We've acheived so much and I think we've all managed to settle in to a good routine of fun, play and learning.

This week's home learning challenges are going to be a little different...today we are going to open our 'virtual' Class 1S Memory Box! Can you remember what subject we are focusing on when we look in the memory box? That's right, 'History'! This week we are going to be stepping back in time and learning about a significant event from the past. Your job today is to use the clues from the box to find out more...

Challenge: Step back in time!

Take a good look at the items and people I found in our memory box and use your detective skills to find out more! Do you recognise any of items or people? What might link them together? Do they look old? How do you know - what are the clues? What period of time do you think our memory box has taken us to and why is it so significant? Draw the items and label them before scribing your ideas.

TOP TIP: You could use the internet or books to help you research further.


Friday 1st May 2020 (1.5.20)

Good morning 1S! Well, we've reached the end of another week and it's the first day of a brand new month so let's make sure we make it a happy and fun filled one! Speaking of fun - how many of you have sent a joke in to the 'lol' channel on TTV? I've done mine (it's hilarious by the way!laugh) and Ivy and Henry have both done theirs.yes Remember there are prizes to be won and laughs to be shared so find a funny joke and give it a go!

Today I've planned a fun cross-curricular challenge that mixes D&T, science, art, a sneaky bit of maths and a good dose of competition - I hope you decide to give it a go!

Challenge: Fold and fly!

Today I would like you to learn how to make paper aeroplanes. I've found a brilliant website that shows clear step by step instructions for loads of different paper aeroplane designs. Firstly, I'd like you to spend some time exploring the sight and choosing your favourite planes. Next, you need to practise following the instructions and folding your own planes.

Remember, some of these designs are trickier than others. You might need adult help initially but the more you practise the better you will get!

Once you've folded a design that you're happy with practise flying it. Does it fly well? If not why not? Do you need to tweak your paper folds or do you need to try a different design?

When you are completely happy with your aeroplane design give it a name and maybe decorate the wings and the cockpit.

Finally fly your plane and using a ruler or measuring tape record how far it flew. Send me the results, maybe with some video evidence, remembering to include the name of your chosen design, i.e. The Buzz and the furthest distance it flew.

Whose aoreplane will fly the furthest and be crowned 1S paper aoreplane flying champion?laugh

Follow this link for amazing aeroplane design ideas - www.foldnfly.com


Thursday 30th April 2020 (30.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Do you remember me asking you to think about what you have been doing that makes you feel proud? Well, I would just like to say how proud I am of all of you! I received so many lovely updates yesterday - you and your families are all working incredibly hard.angel These are strange times for us all but your resilience and adaptability is shining through and shaping you into the remarkable young people we need to shape tomorrow's world...stand up tall and give yourselves a big 'YEEHAH!' I think you are all brilliant.heart

So, it's time for another challenge and today I've decided we are going to stay on a maths theme and continue to build on the investigation we started yesterday.

Challenge: Doubling numbers

You will need:

A part whole model

Numeral cards

Your choice of counters

Mr Scholey says, 'When you double a number the total made is always an odd number.' Is he right or wrong? Prove it!

Extra challenge!

Which of these 2-digit numbers can be halved equally?

22, 47, 9, 18, 74, 6, 10, 53

Explain how you know?

PS. Have you heard about 'The Lockdown Lolathon'? Head over to our facebook page to find out more...I believe there are prizes up for grabs!!!

Wednesday 29th April 2020 (29.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Look at my fabulous rainbow tie dye T.shirt - I'm very proud of it and can't wait to wear it!angel

What have you done lately that's made you feel proud? You could write it as a sentence, 'I felt proud when...' and I'll share them in the gallery.angel

I've decided to set you a maths investigation as your challenge today. I miss doing these things with you so make sure you share your work - I will be very interested to see how you have decided to represent your findings.yes

Challenge: Can all numbers be halved (shared into 2 groups) equally?

You will need:

0-20 numeral cards (make your own if you don't have a set)

A part whole model

20 counters (or similar...buttons, pasta, 1p coins etc)

Paper or a mini whiteboard to record your findings

TOP TIP - Remember to be an organised and efficient mathematician!

First choose a digit card and place it in the top corner of your paper. Represent this by placing the corresponding number of counters onto your part whole model.

Now investigate whether you can half your number by partitioning it into 2 equal groups. Make a note of whether this was possible. Were there any counters left over? If so, how many?

Repeat the process with other numbers. What do you notice? Is there a pattern?

Remember to record your findings, neatly and efficiently.


Tuesday 28th April 2020 (28.4.20)

Good morning 1S! How are you all today? I hope you were ALL able to stretch a learning power yesterday. I learnt how to tie dye - it was great fun and definitely stretched all my learning powers. Next time I will remember to check for sneaky holes in my rubber gloves!! Check out my blue finger!surprisesurprise  

Today's challenge is going to help us practise, reading and spelling, those tricky and high frequency words or 'star words' that we need to master before the end of year 1.

Challenge: Pick and mix star words

I've put together a 'pick and mix' style list of activities you can choose from that will help consolidate your knowledge of these all important words (see supporting resources below). Remember there will be some that you have already committed to memory so don't practise these instead focus only on the ones that you still find tricky.

TOP TIP: Look back at any writing you've done in your home learning journal and notice which star words you are misspelling - these are the ones to practise most.yes

Pick and Mix activities

Star word scribble - take your pencil for a walk around your paper to create a large curvy pattern. Use coloured pens to fill the spaces you have created with lots of star words. Make your writing really small and see how many times you can list your words in each space!

Star word snap - make 2 packs of matching star words. Shuffle them together and deal them out. Take turns to place a card (word up) and be ready to shout SNAP! Fastest snapper wins the cards.

Star word wordsearch - create a grid (use squared paper if you have it) and write in a selection of star words going up, down, left, right and diagonally. Fill in the other squares with random letters and challenge each other to seek out the hidden words.

Roll a star word - select 6 fiendishly tricky star words and link each to a number on a dice. Each time you roll the dice you have to practise writing the corresponding star word.

If you are feeling particularly stretchy and need an extra challenge then start dipping into the year 2 star words! yes  

Monday 27th April 2020 (27.4.20)

Good morning 1S!I've just finished 'PE with Jo' - PHEW! It was a tough work out today and I kept laughing at Jo who was trying to wok out in a suit! Who else is still following Jo each morning? It's a great way to start your day. yes

Look who I rescued from their quarantine! They've been for a tumble in the washing machine and are now clean and fresh and ready for a challenge! 

Challenge: Stretch your learning powers!

Starting today, I would like you (with the help of your grown-ups) to start making a note of each time you stretch a learning power as you continue in your quest to be independent home learners. I know, from your updates, that many of you are using these important learning powers regularly - I now want you to really start noticing when this is happening so that you can celebrate your new found resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and relationship building skills.

Take four pieces of card or paper and draw pictures or write the names of each of our 'Learning Power Pals'. Make sure they look amazing so that you can display them somewhere where everyone can see them! Each time you, or someone else, notices you using a learning power make a note of it and celebrate the achievement together. 

Friday 24th April 2020 (24.4.20)

Good morning 1S! It's...FRIYAY!! That means we've come to the end of another fantastic week of being home learning superstars! As you know, I've been back in school this week so I thought it would be lovely to end the week with a school themed challenge and as a bonus I've also thrown in a guessing game featuring a very special guest!

Challenge: Paint or draw our class tree.

Spring has sprung so we need to continue our challenge of observing and painting our class tree to create a lasting record of how it changes with the seasons. Can you remember what type of tree it is? Is it deciduous or evergreen? How do we prove this?

Below you will find a series of photos and a short video showing our spring tree. Study them carefully and use your super observational skills to paint or draw a detailed representation of our tree. If you keep these safe I will stick them in your topic books, alongside your autumn and winter trees, when we return to school. 


Still image for this video

Where's Amelia?

Below you will see a series of photos, featuring Amelia, taken in some familiar places around school. I've zoomed in for the first 9 photos - can you identify where Amelia is? I've zoomed out to give you the answers...happy guessing!

Thursday 23rd April 2020 (23.4.20)

Good morning 1S! BIG NEWS...our 'Top Secret Mission' is no longer a secret! It's now live on Torrisholme TV and it looks FANTASTIC - well done team!laugh I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you. yes

Today's challenge is going to take you on a journey through the alphabet - I hope you give it go!

Challenge: A - Z scavenger hunt.

First of all see if you can write out the alphabet in capital and lower case letters. This is a good opportunity to practise your letter formation just like we would do in class. If you need some help remembering the sequence then follow this link to a song you all know -


Next you will need to hunt around your house and garden for objects which start with each letter sound. This is one of those lovely open ended challenges that you can put together however you want! You might choose to make a giant alphabet mat that you fill with the objects you find or you might list the objects you find in alphabetical order. You could even write the letters onto post it notes and stick these onto the objects as you find them - the choice is yours! Just make sure you have fun doing it!


Wednesday 22nd April 2020 (22.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Firstly, just to let you know I will email you all your Mathletics log-in today - thank you for your patience! It sounds like this resource is getting lots of good reviews so I hope you all decide to give it a go. yes

I've magpied today's challenge from Mrs Dickinson so get your pencils, paper and sentence writing skills at the ready - here we go!

Challenge: What can you see from your bedroom window?

Take a good look out of your bedroom window - what can you see? Make sure you look carefully so that you really notice the details of what you see. Now write a list of these features but power them up by adding adjectives to describe them. Next turn your observations into sentences - aim for three brilliant sentences rather than lots of simple sentences.

Remember I want to 'see' what you can see so the real challenge here is for you to use your words to paint a clear picture.

TOP TIP - Uplevel some of your adjectives by using a thesaurus to search for synonyms (can you remember the action for this word?) I can't wait to read them! 


Tuesday 21st April 2020 (21.4.20)

Good morning 1S! I had a lovely day in school yesterday - although it was very strange to be there without all of you! However, I did get to wave to Audra and I had a lovely catch up with Theo, who came past on his bike whilst out and about with his mum and sister.

How did you enjoy bashing flowers and leaves to make prints? We had a go in school and have started turning our creations into a lovely string of buntin - I'll share a photo when it's finished.

Today's challenge is going to test your addition skills as well as your quick fire recall of number bonds and it's based on another game you might know!

PS. I will be emailing you all, sometime this week, with another free log-in, this time for a cool online resource called Mathletics!

Challenge: Connect 4!

You will need:

A game board the same or similar to the one pictured below

2 dice


First create your game board, using numbers in the range 2-12. Next take turns to roll the 2 dice. Add the numbers together and cover the total with a counter. The first player to cover '4 in a row' wins!

TOP TIP: If you want to make the game harder roll 3 dice but remember you'll need numbers in the range 2-18. 

Monday 20th April 2020 (20.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Welcome to a brand new week and what would have officially been the start of our summer term! Now, this will be a slightly different week for me as I am going to be on duty in school, looking after the children of our essential workers, but don't worry I'll still be posting your daily challenge it might just take me slightly longer than normal to reply to your updates. It will be lovely to be back in school but a bit strange too - I'm planning on picking up a few bits and bobs from our classroom whilst I'm there and I'm also hoping to set some school based challenges so watch this space!!

Challenge: Hapazome joy!

Today's challenge is going to require you to flex you art and design skills by trying out the Japanese art of Hapazome (meaning leaf and dye in Japanese) - an ancient technique of beating flowers and leaves to extract their pigments (natural dyes) to create designs on cloth.

You will need:

Flowers and leaves

A piece of cotton cloth

A hammer or large stone

A smooth surface to work on

First collect a variety of leaves and flowers. Some work better than others so the more you can collect the better. Next fold your cloth in half and place one of your finds onto the bottom half. Fold the top half over the bottom half to cover it. Next bash your flower or leaf with your hammer or stone (taking care not to bash your fingers!) to release its natural pigments. Once you are happy that your leaf or flower has been sufficiently hammered carefully lift off the top piece of cloth and peel away what's left to reveal a wonderful colourful print. Finally repeat the process and enjoy creating an original piece of natural art. I tried this out with Scarlett last week - we loved it. Check out our step by step photos. yes 


Friday 17th April 2020 (17.4.20)

Good morning 1S! It's FRIDAY which means we've completed another week of home learning - doesn't time fly when you're having fun? Many thanks to those of you who have already completed your TOP SECRET MISSION wink I very much enjoyed receiving them yesterday!

Did you spot Miss Devey and her daughter Millie's guest appearance on our page yesterday? I hope you all have a go at completing their colourful challenge - it's a good opportunity to check in on the deciduous trees in your garden.yes

Todays challenge has a phonics focus and was inspired by a video message I received yesterday...


Mason's phonics challenge.mp4

Still image for this video

Challenge: Don't break the rules!

Lots of the digraphs we learn in phonics can be written in two or more different ways! One of the trickiest things to learn is which spelling pattern (digraph) to use. This is why many of them have rules to help you, just like the one explained so brilliantly by Mason.yes

Today's challenge is to investigate other phonemes that have two or more spelling patterns, i.e. ay/ai or ou/ow. You might be able to make and test your own rule but if you need some inspiration then check out the phase 5 section within the following link -https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/teachers/printable-resources

You could write or video your own rule - just test it works first - remembering, of course, that all rules can be broken!! Bonus points available if you can find any of these badly behaved words that break the rules!



The weather has been so beautiful that I've been spending a lot of time in our garden! Millie has been helping her daddy build a pond so that we can get our very own fish and we've been doing some gardening. Whilst we were gardening, we couldn't believe how many different types of leaves there were. So, we collected some in our basket and decided to make some beautiful rainbow leaf rubbings! They look beautiful. Do you think you could have a go? Place a leaf under some drawing paper and rub over the top using different coloured crayons. Don't forget to send you're beautiful pictures in to Mrs Scholey. We can't wait to see your creations! Missing all of your smiling faces!


Miss Devey x

Thursday 16th April 2020 (16.4.20)

Good morning 1S! How are you all today? I'm sitting here, in my front room, looking out of my front window at the beautiful blue sky and my own blosssoming cherry tree - what can you see out of your front window? 

Today's challenge has a number focus and is based on a game that I think some of you might know well. You will need a bit of help to make it but I think it's worth it - I hope you all agree!

Also, I will be emailing all of you, later today, with details of a very exciting TOP SECRET year 1 mission!!! If you don't receive an email and would like to get involved then please please message me on -year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk.

Challenge: Number Guess Who?

You will need -

2 game boards made from card (a cereal box would work)

Coloured pens


Firstly draw out 12 rectangles on each of your game boards. Next carefully cut around the 2 long edges and 1 of the short edges of each rectangle to create 12 flaps (you will need a grown-up for this part!) Then choose 12 numbers in the range 0-20, 0-50 or 0-100 (depending on how stretchy you are feeling) and write them on the underside of each flap. Each board uses the same numbers they are just placed in different positions! Then make an extra set of these numbers on 12 small pieces of card (these will be your game cards)and that's it - you're good to go!

The aim of the game is to guess your opponents number by asking questions to find out more - you can't just say 'Have you got number 30?' As you eliminate numbers you fold then down. You might ask -

'Is your number greater than...?'

'Is you number less than...?'

'Is your number odd?'

'Is your number even?'

Is your number in the ten times tables?

The more you play the better you will get!


Wednesday 15th April 2020 (15.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Thank you so much to all of you who messaged me yesterday with Easter updates and videos - I loved seeing and hearing from you! The 'Chatterpix' book reviews I received were also fab. yes It's great to know that so many of you are making good use of online reading resources, such as Oxford Owl and Collins Big Cat - keep up the good work Year 1 you are making us all very proud!blush

Today's challenge has a maths focus and could spark a little bit of competition between you and your family members!

Challenge: One minute records

Choose an activity and estimate (guess) how many times you think you could do it in one minute. Set a minute timer and give it a go - how close was your estimate? Who managed the most repetitions?

I've listed a few possible activities to get you going but you could also use the internet to investigate other minute world records.

How many times can you...


Star jump

Write your name

Stand up and sit down


TOP TIP: Remember to estimate first and record the outcomes on a simple table.


Tuesday 14th April 2020 (14.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Hope you all enjoyed the Easter weekend and are now ready for another fun week of home learning. yes I'm going to kick start this week's learning with a reading challenge. To take part you will need to log-in to Oxford Owl via the my class log-in on the header bar using the following details:

My class name: torrisholme

My class password: Year1S

Challenge: Chatterpix book reviews

Once you've logged in navigate to the 'My bookshelf' tab and search for 'age 5-6' on the filter bar. Here you will find a large selection of ebooks. Have a browse through the selection and select one that looks interesting and matches your current reading level. Read the book and then write a 30 second book review which you can share, with your classmates via chatterpix, in our home learning gallery.

Remember to include the book title in your review, a brief summary of the story, your favourite part and why and whether you would recommend it to a friend. Finally give it a star rating with 1 star meaning you didn't enjoy it and 5 stars meaning it was brilliant!!

Top Tip: Continue working your way through the titles on offer, remembering to record any home reading in your school reading record. yes

Friday 10th April 2020 (10.4.20) Good Friday

Happy Easter 1S! The bank holiday weekend is upon us and although we can't go anywhere we should still make sure we celebrate this important Christian festival by having lots of family fun! So, in celebration of this I'm going to hopefully inspire you with a selection of 'eggciting' challenges that you can dip into over the weekend!

PS. Today I will email you all with a log-in for 'Times Tables Rockstars'. Copy and paste the link https://play.ttrockstars.com to login and use our school name and your user name and password to play! If you don't receive an email and you would like a log-in then drop me a message - year1@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

Challenge: Enjoy an Easter Eggstravaganza!

Decorate boiled or blown eggs and have a family egg rolling competition!

Make chocolate Easter nests from cornflakes or rice krispies.

Set up an Easter themed treasure hunt.

Learn about the Easter story.

Research the history of chocolate Easter eggs - why are these a  symbol of Easter? Why do we only eat them at this time of year?

Collect and decorate some branches from blossoming deciduous trees (i did this yesterday!See photo below).

Eat lots of yummy chocolate eggs and treats!!


Thursday 9th April 2020 (9.4.20)

Good morning 1S! I hope all of these lovely blue skies are brightening your days. I'm loving being able to sit out in my garden, listening to the birds tweeting and watching the clouds drift past - It's good for our minds and our bodies to sit quietly and thoughtfully, even if it is only for a few minutes!

With this in mind today's challenge is going to focus on helping all of you be more mindful so that you can really focus on and enjoy the changing season and the new life which is popping up all around us.

Challenge: Create a mindfulness mobile

You will need:



Coloured pens/pencils

string or wool

First draw a large circle (a plate or dish would make a useful guide). Next locate the centre of the circle and draw a spiral which circles out from the centre point and stops only when you reach the edge of your circle. After that decorate your spiral with bright colours (rainbow colours might look good). Then carefully cut out your spiral ensuring you follow your guideline. Finally attach a length of string to the centre and dangle it in one of your favourite places. You can then sit close by and enjoy watching it twirl and spin - allowing your mind and body a moment to be calm, quiet and still.

Wednesday 8th April 2020 (8.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Hope you and your families are all keeping well and are ready for another day of learning and play under a sunny spring sky.

Today's challenge is going to test your observational skills and provides the perfect opportunity to practise using your phonic knowledge to segment and spell new words. You can complete it inside, outside in the garden or during your daily exercise - just remember you will need to take a notepad and pencil to record what you see! 

Challenge: Easter i-spy acrostics

What is an acrostic I hear you cry! An acrostic is a type of poem - you write a word, in CAPITAL LETTERS vertically down the page (make sure it's an Easter or spring themed word) i.e.







Whilst you are out and about today note down (it doesn't need to be neat!) all the objects and features you spy that have your chosen letters as their initial sound. When you get home link the words together and write out your acrostic poem in your best handwriting - you might include pictures and patterns too!

TOP TIP: You could add verbs (action words) and/or adjectives (describing words) to really power up your poem yes

I've made an example to help you on your way...make sure you send yours my way as soon as they are done!

Tuesday 7th April 2020 (7.4.20)

Good morning 1S! What a beautiful day - I hope you are all planning to spend sometime outside today, enjoying the feeling of warm spring sunshine on your faces. I had such a busy day yesterday receiving and replying to all of your lovely messages - it was brilliant to hear from so many of you laugh THANKYOU! Keep them coming and if you haven't messaged yet then maybe today's the day - I always reply!

Today's challenge has a maths focus and i've planned two different activities so you can decide how stretchy you're feeling - you might really blow my socks off and try both of them this week!

Challenge: Mini egg maths

I don't know about you but I love mini eggs - they are definitely my favourite Easter treat! So, with that in mind both of today's challenges has a mini egg theme.

TOP TIP: Find something you can use to represent my mini eggs - you could even use mini eggs if you've got some! Sadly, i've eaten all mine so i've used pasta crying


Monday 6th April 2020 (6.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Now, I know it's officially the Easter hols but here at Torrisholme we decided that 2 weeks away was just too long so i'll still be posting my daily challenge and responding to emails as normal...yay! It's totally up to you how much or little you choose to do, all I ask is that we stay connected. Please keep sending your photos and updates and let's keep having fun together!

This week's challenges will all have an Easter theme so who's ready to get cracking? wink

Challenge: Crack the code

I've written you a Easter message. If you want to read it you will have to crack the code yes

Once you've done it why not reply with a coded message of your own. You could magpie my code or create a new one - the choice is yours! Have fun, 1S!

Szkkb Vzhgvi slorwzbh veviblmv!

Slkv blf szev olgh lu ufm.


Friday 3rd March 2020 (3.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Happy Friday - another week of home learning completed yes Thank you for taking part in my daily challenges, I love receiving your updates. I think it's been a great way to help us stay connected - I hope you agree! Today's challenge is going to help you practise lots of different skills; literacy, geography, history and art.

PS. I magpied the idea from Bobby wink who sent me his version yesterday - i'll pop it in the gallery later.

Challenge: Create an information poster

Below is an image of a popular local landmark which you may have been lucky enough to visit. Your task today is to create an information poster all about this landmark.

To do this you will firstly need to:

Identify the landmark

Locate it on a map

Decide if it is a human or physical feature

Use the internet to research and find out more about it...

Next, use all your information to create the most amazing poster. You poster might include any of the following non-fiction features;

A heading

A picture or photo

A diagram


Interesting facts and information

I can't wait to see them - I know they will be brilliant smiley

Thursday 2nd April 2020 (2.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Hope you all have a fun day of home learning challenges planned. If you have a little gap in your busy timetables maybe you'd like to put your retrieval skills to good use and spend some time rooting about in your memories to complete today's daily challenge - I think it's a good one!wink

Challenge: Create your classroom!

Today's challenge is very open ended and the finished piece will very much depend on what you have to hand at home in terms of card, paper, paint and other crafty bits and bobs - it could even be 3D...anything goes!

I want you to use your creative skills to recreate our 1S classroom. 

So, dig deep in your memories and retrieve as much information as you can about how our classroom looked. Think about how many tables there were and what displays were on the walls. Try to include key features such as; our gem pots, the learning ladder, the reading den, our star words...anything you think is important and want to include!

As this is quite a big challenge it's fine if you don't get it completed today - take your time and create something you are really proud of!

I can't wait to see them so make sure you send me lots of pictures. 

Wednesday 1st April 2020 (1.4.20)

Good morning 1S! Hope you are all feeling fit and well this morning and ready for the day ahead. I had a lovely day yesterday, full of messages, photos and videos from all of you - I even saw Logan and his family whilst I was out enjoying my daily exercise!

Today's challenge has a maths focus and provides you with a good opportunity to practise your number bond knowledge - I hope you enjoy it!

Top Tip yes: Today's challenge could easily be completed outdoors, if you've got the space, time and resources. My ideas are just a starting point so feel to tweak them!

Challenge: Race to twenty

You will need:

To create a 0 - 20 number track (you could go large and make a track to jump up!).

A dice

A counter or marker for each player

Paper and a pencil

How to play:

Before you start each player should draw 6 part whole models on their paper.

Take turns to roll the dice and move or jump that many spaces.

After each turn calculate how many more spaces you need to move along to reach 20 and then fill in one of your part whole models to show the number bond.

First player to reach 20 is the winner!

Top Tip - The whole is always 20 and the number you land on is a part, you are calculating the missing part and creating a number bond!

Good luck smiley


Tuesday 31st March 2020 (31.3.20)

Good morning 1S! WOW...how lucky are we to be enjoying such amazing weather at the moment. Things may be a bit different for us all at the moment but it's good to remember that there's still a lot we should be grateful for - blue spring skies being just one of them! With this in mind today's challenge is one the whole family can get involved with - it's a real bucket filler!

Challenge: Make a 'Gratitude Garland'

You will need:

Paper cut into strips

Coloured pens or pencils

Glue or sellotape

First share out the strips of paper between you and your family. Next spend some time reflecting on things each of you are grateful for. After that write each of your thoughts on a strip of paper (tidy writing, please!)and maybe decorate them with brightly coloured patterns to make them look more decorative. Finally join them together to make a chain and display it...easy! 

Monday 30th March 2020 (30.3.20)

Good morning 1S! PHEW...I've just finished my Jo Wicks workout - I hope you are all giving them a go each morning! Anyway, welcome to a brand new week of home learning challenges.As it's a Monday, i'm going to stretch your phonics knowledge with a fun game we've played before in class.

Challenge: Pass the digraph

Write the following phase 3 and phase 5 digraphs onto small squares of card or paper - ai ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er ay ou ie ea oy ir ue ew au aw wh ph oe ey a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e.

Use coloured pens to make them look fancy but don't forget to think carefully about your letter formation and letter sizes - long, small and tall letters only please!

Pop all the digraphs into a dish or tub.

Play some funky music and pass the digraphs.

When the music stops pick out a digraph card and work together to segment and spell at least 3 words that use it. Repeat!

Have fun and don't forget to send me photos of your learning in action.

Friday 27th March 2020 (27.3.20)

Good morning 1S! It's been lovely to see some of you accepting my daily challenges this week - thank you so much for getting involved and most importantly sharing your learning with me. Today's challenge can be completed indoors or outdoors and I can't wait to see the results!

Challenge: Chatterpix  descriptions

If you haven't already, you will need to download the chatterpix or chatterkids app from the app store - it's free and the children know how to use it!

Take a chatterpix of a family member, pet, favourite toy, flower - anything you like!

Orally compose and then write 2 or 3 good sentences that tell me some interesting facts about your chosen chatterpix. Rehearse your sentences so that you know them by heart and then create your chatterpix. Don't forget to share them via email!

Top Tip: Try to use a connective and a power word or two in your sentences.

Meet Flea!

Still image for this video

Thursday 26th March 2020 (26.3.20)

Good morning, 1S! Let's make the most of another blue sky day by taking our learning outdoors to practise some phonics. 

Challenge: I spy a digraph!

You will need:

Paper cut into small squares

Coloured pens

Sellotape or string

Write the following digraphs onto your paper squares - ay ee igh oa oo ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er ai ou ie ea oy ir ue aw wh ph ew oe au ey a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e

Look around your garden and see if you can spy an object or feature that includes one of your digraphs, i.e. tree, swing

Attach your digraph to the object - can you use all of them??

Photos please and i'll post them here so you can see each other.




Wednesday 25th March 2020 (25.3.20)

Good morning, 1S! It's another glorious spring day so with that in mind today's challenge can be completed outdoors. Don't forget to send me photos of your learning in action!

Challenge: Representing 2 digit numbers

How many different ways can you find to represent 2 digit numbers using only the natural resources you can find in your gardens?

Top tip: You could use sticks to represent tens and leaves to represent ones or rocks and pebbles - whatever you can find!

Tuesday 24th March 2020 (24.3.20)

Good morning, 1S!

It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day so why not take your learning outside.

Challenge: Water painting star words

Using a paint brush and a pot of water see how many star words you can spell and paint before they disappear! 

Top Tip - all the year 1 and 2 high frequency and tricky words can be found on the statutory spelling document at the bottom of this page.

Here's Scarlett showing you how it's done!


Collins Big Cat have given us online access to their reading scheme books. There are reading books to support those of you reading book band colours in KS1. You can also read the books under the 'progress books' tab for further reading material in your colour band.


Details to access the website:

Go to https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/Portal.aspx

Click on the Teacher portal and enter

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

Click Login