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We have a new teacher in the ranks, Miss Erin, who has successfully completed her NQT induction and is now available for work. She is doing an amazing job teaching her younger brothers. Awesome work, Miss Erin!!

Jacob has been busy learning at home and has mastered his bike riding skills. Awesome work, Jacob, I am impressed!

Zara has been busy baking banana bread, nursing a bird that flew into her window and celebrating her dog's 12th birthday. Happy birthday, Ben!!

Finley has been doing lots of gardening with his family over the last couple of weeks and knows it is important to water the plants in all this warm weather.

What a busy Easter Erin has enjoyed! Love the Banagrams too - a fave of Mrs Taylor's! And the cake, well..... it looks heavenly!

Beau has written a lovely story about friendship between unlikely characters. Enjoy reading it and maybe feel inspired to create your own story. What will you write about? Who will your characters be? Awesome work, Beau, WELL DONE!! :-)

We have a 3T historian hard at work at home!

Harry has created a spectacular Horrible Histories inspired timeline of British events/ages complete with a summary of key facts, pictures and characterised speech bubbles to enhance the HH element. I just love the closing speech bubble... "The end...or is it?"

One member of the class sure has been a busy boy at home. J.W. has made a terrific wooden bench from an unwanted wooden joist, which he can sit on and contemplate the lockdown and use as a memory of this strange time forevermore.  Absolutely awesome D.T. skills learned and mastered in this project, J.W. Fandabbydozy! 

Freddie has been camping in his garden surrounded by his chooks and enjoying his home bakes. What fun!!

The Empire State Building by Jobe

Check out the incredible model Jobe has constructed from a 216 piece 3D jigsaw. By his own admission, it was very tricky in parts as he had to put all the pieces together by following numbers. Jobe also had to work out how to put the base and lights together to create the finished model. Hasn’t he done a fantastic job? 


Jobe, I am so proud of this model you’ve built. What careful constructing and a brilliant example of what you can achieve when you are determined and patient. Well done, Jobe, that’s a terrific model! 😁