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R.E. - Tuesday 16th June, 2020

This half term’s overarching question is 'How should we respond to the things that really matter?', which we will look at through Islam. Do you know what the people who follow Islam are called? I'll give you a clue, it's what I am.
Today, I would like you to focus on reflecting on your own experiences. You could discuss these questions with a grownup at home, think about when we were in school and how they apply at home, especially during lockdown:

  • What routine(s) do you have - the things you do every day, every week - at school or at home? These could be getting ready for school, chores you carry out at home, monitoring jobs in the classroom. Make a list of these. 
  • What rules do you follow at home or at school? Think of expectations set by your parents/ grownups, leaders at clubs or me as your class teacher. Make a list of these. Think about how these are helpful to individuals, people at home and the school community and how following these rules help us to have respect for others and for them to have respect for us.
  • What places do you visit at the same time each week? Here are some examples: school, church and Beavers. How do these places/meetings make you feel? Do they make you feel special? Perhaps they make you feel part of a team or a community? Write about them.
  • Finally, what do we mean by body language? What does it mean to say 'actions are stronger than words'? Think of different ways we communicate without words e.g. facial expressions - can you think of different facial expressions that let others know how we are feeling?