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Our Learning Journey

🦒 The African Savannah 🦁


This week we've packed our suitcase and hopped on a plane to Africa! We have learnt about where the Savannah is but looked more closely at the African Savannah, including the climate and the animals that live there. We have started to explore the work of artist Edward Tingatinga, an African artist who used recycled, low-cost materials for his animal and Savannah inspired pieces. You may recognise the name from Tinga Tinga Tales, a BBC animated children's series which tells African folktales inspired by the uniqueness of Tinga Tinga Art. 


You can learn more about the artist here: https://www.tingatingaart.com/pages/about-tingatinga-african-art 

We began by creating a Savannah landscape using oil pastels.

There's something rather strange going on...

Look what we found when we walked into the classroom!!😱 The children couldn't believe that a beanstalk had grown in our classroom but this is no ordinary beanstalk. There are baked bean tins growing from it - it's all a bit strange!



The children are excited to be introduced to the story of Jack & the Baked Beanstalk, a twist to the traditional tale, Jack and The Beanstalk.



They've really impressed me with their reading skills and have made some really good predictions of what the story might be about. 


"I think this story is about a boy called

Jackand he drops the beans and it grows into a

baked beanstalk. I think the giant is mean and

he triesto steal the burger van."



"I think there will still be a giant 

in it but he will be mean but kind of nice"



"I think Jack gets some magic baked beans. 

I predict the giant has a milkshake cow" 



They've also stepped into the shoes of different characters and made some thoughtful (and humourous!) inferences as to what characters are thinking in a scene.



"These plates are a bit wobbly!"



"This smells yummy. I hope I don't

drop the plates.



"This burger is better than my wife's

burger but she's still a good cook."

                          Amelia. A



Noun, Adjective or Verb?

In English, we're also learning about different word types - the name of a person, a place or a thing; describing word or action/doing word. Can you remember what a noun, adjective or verb is? Here's a song the children love to help you...

Here is the Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives song from an Anchor Creative Education Rock N Roll Literacy Assembly!

Growing Our Minds and Our Bodies

In line with our topic for this term, we have had some wonderful discussions on how we can keep our minds and our bodies healthy through eating the right foods, exercise and mindfulness techniques. The children enjoy the brain breaks we have during the day and we use GoNoodle for some great ways to relax and breathe! If you would like to have a look at these videos, you can access them via this link https://www.gonoodle.com In the meantime, please enjoy the photographs of the children learning to use the skills of collage techniques to make some thoughtful self-portraits.

My Marvellous Mathematicians

This week, the children have been looking at how to represent a two-digit number in different ways. We have been learning how to use concrete and pictorial methods, in an organised and systematic manner, to consolidate our mathematical understanding.

Wonderful Writers


Last week, the children were learning all about the features of Instructional Writing through the use of Talk4Writing. The children were fully engaged in learning the actions for 'How to Look After A Pet Dragon', ready to plan and write their own versions of 'How to look after a Unique Pet' this week - and they did not disappoint!! The children have planned how to care for a pet unicorn, t-rex or dragon using story maps and then articulated these into written instructions in line with the features of instructional writing using sub-headings, bullet points and commands - WOW!!

What colour are you feeling today?



This week the children have enjoyed listening to the story of 'The Colour Monster' and using this to look at a range of emotions, discussing what they mean and the kind of things that make us feel in those ways. See if your child can spot their colour monster below...

Reunited 🥰



What a wonderful first week back!


The classroom has come to life with all the wonderful little people, who make it so special, back where they belong.


We have thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children and have been so excited to see their smiles, hearing their laughter and watching them share so much love and kindness as they catch up with old friends


We are thrilled to have them return, back amongst their friends and where they love to learn. We simply cannot wait to be a huge part of their learning journey and watch them grow.