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Mathletics certificates


Hello 5G I will upload your Mathletics certificates here.

Huge well done to Alex W who achieved the Bronze certificate within a day of me telling you about the website!!! Super star well done Alex!!

Keep up the good work everyone,



Miss Graham


Well done to Alex M, Sophie, Ted, Elinor, Charlie and Peter for achieving their Bronze medal on Mathletics, SUPERSTARS!!


Good Morning 5G,

Well done to Max and Bali who have achieved their bronze certificates on Mathletics!! Great work guys I am so impressed at how quickly people are achieving these certificates laugh! Have a wonderful Saturday. 


Miss Graham


Well done Emi and Maisie for achieving your first bronze certificate on Mathletics. It looks like you get more than one bronze certificate as Sophie, Peter and Alex M have all achieved a second bronze medal! I think they award a certificate if you have achieved 1000 points within a week. Excellent work everyone :)


Miss Graham


Hello everyone hope you are all well,


Well the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse but I am still smiling every time I get an update from you and every time I log in to Mathletics and someone else has achieved a certificate :)!! A big well done to Oliver who has achieved his bronze certificate, well done Oliver!!


Take care everyone and keep up the good work!


Miss Graham


Good Morning everyone,


Well done to Tilly who has achieved her bronze certificate and well done to Alex W who has achieved his second bronze certificate!! Superstars well done.


Miss Graham


Good morning everyone,


Big well done to Lucas who has achieved his bronze certificate on Mathletics! Well done Lucas.


Miss Graham


Hello everyone,

I am super impressed with how you are getting on with Mathletics! I have lots of congratulations to hand out today ... :)


Well done to Daniel for getting his bronze!! Absolute superstar :)

Well done to Oliver and Bali who have reached their second bronze certificate :)

Finally an enormous well done to Sophie, Peter and Alex M who have all reached their third bronze certificate :)


Keep up the good work I am so proud of you all :)


Miss Graham



A huge well done to Max, Emi and Elinor who have all achieved their second bronze certificates laugh Well done guys!!

Have a fab weekend,


Miss Graham


Fantastic effort from Oliver who has achieved his third bronze certificate and to Peter and Alex M who have achieved their 4th bronze certificates!! Absolutely amazing work boys. laugh


Miss Graham


Well done everyone who has achieved a certificate this week :)!! You are all doing great!

Take care and keep smiling,

Miss Graham


Oh well when I woke up and checked Mathletics this morning I was super impressed...


Sophie, Peter and Alex M have all achieved their silver certificates!!! Super well done guys!! This takes a huge amount of effort so well done.


Also a huge well done to Max for achieving his 4th bronze certificate!! Keep up the amazing work Max.


Take care,


Miss Graham