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Mathletics Certificates

Week 3 Certificates
Week 2 Certificates

Lucas G. has notched up a whopping 3430 points this week to earn this bronze certificate. Wowzers!

Pawel has reached a heady 2290 point score for his bronze certificate. Whoop whoop!

Hayden has earned his second bronze certificate after scoring 1770 points this week. Keep working hard, Hayden, this is fabulous!

3510 points. I repeat... 3510 points earned by Jack. Whoo hoo a bronze certificate for youuuu!

Taylan has earned a mega 1946 points for his bronze certificate. Awesome!!

Lilly has earned a bronze certificate with a cracking 2021 points. Kaboom!!

A bronze certificate for Erin I.with a total of 1166 points. Whoo hoo!

A bronze certificate for Hayden with a cracking 1770 points. Smashed it!