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Morning Starter - Choose Group 1 or Group 2

Time - Introduction 



For the next two weeks, we will be looking at time. The first thing we'd like you to do is make your clock. You should find a piece of card in your pack that looks like this. You should also find a split pin. Please cut out the handles and around the clock. Then, pop the split though the handles and through the centre of the clock. Be careful when you are poking the split pins through. It should look a bit like this. 



You can use your clock to help you practise telling the time. The red hand is the minute hand and the blue hand is the hour hand. 

How to Tell the Time - Educational Video for Kids

Learn to tell time: quarter past, half past and quarter to

With your clock you have made can you make the following times?


11 o'clock

Half past 2

Quarter past 8

Quarter to 4 


Have a go at this board game. If you do not have a dice at home there is one attached.