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24-hour clock

The 24-hour clock does not require the use of am or pm. Afternoon is indicated by a number bigger than 12.

When converting from the 12-hour clock to the 24-hour clock remember: for any time after 12.59pm, add 12 to the hours.

For example

  • 6.23pm becomes (6.23+12)=18:23
  • 7.45pm becomes (7.45+12)=19:45

The 24-hour clock always uses 4 digits, so for any time before 10:00 a zero is placed at the beginning.

For example

  • 01:00 means 1.00am
  • 13:00 means 1.00pm
  • 04:00 means 4.00am     
Watch the video below. You may not have to watch the whole video as it goes through lots of examples. Have a go at the worksheet and trophy challenge!

The 24 Hour Clock | Maths for Kids | Grade 5 | Periwinkle

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: This is accessed through You Tube. Do ensure that your settings are in place to avoid inappropriate ‘pop ups.’

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