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Maths Problem of the Day

Monday 1st June 2020

Hi everyone and welcome back after our break. Here is today’s Maths problem to get your Maths brains working again. Enjoy!!!

Friday 22nd May

I know many of you have been practising your work on fractions. To finish off the week, and for you to enjoy a well-deserved break over the half-term, let's see how much you can remember!



Thursday 21st May

This one may seem quite tricky at first but I'd like you to stretch those learning muscles and think about what the calculation means. Look at the mathematical symbols and think about how they are key in solving the calculation. What do you already know that would help you solve these problems?


Challenge: Can you make up your own problem, similar to this?

Wednesday 20th May

Think about what the question is asking you. Apply what you know about place value and addition and apply it to the problem. If you are unsure, you may choose to make some digit cards 0-9 to help you. Can you explain how you got to your answer?                                                    







Tuesday 19th May

Every day, I will post a 'Problem of the Day' for you to put your problem solving and reasoning skills to the test. When you look at a problem, remember to read it carefully and break down the problem, working through each step carefully. Then, use what you know to get to an answer - don't forget to check your working out! For this particular problem, you may choose to use some string to help you.