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Welcome to another week's home learning. All of the activities on the website can be done in any order. If there's something from last week that you wanted to finish, feel free to carry on. Also, some of the tasks may take you a couple of days to complete - this is also absolutely fine!

As usual, we would love to see what you've been up to so don't forget to email your work and photos to year6@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk and I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday morning at 11am on our Zoom call - don't forget to dig out a silly hat, funky sunglasses or a fancy dress outfit you have at home ready for some fun :) 

Have a great week,

Miss Stalker laugh

Maths Starter

Maths Lesson

Today's Maths lesson is perfect with Premier League football about to kick-off again this week after such a long time away from our screens. If you have been missing the football as much as I have, you will be very excited about its return! 

Here's a Premier League Maths challenge from White Rose Maths for you all to do as a warm-up before football starts back on Wednesday. If you are not a football fan, don't worry - it is still a fun Maths lesson. I hope you have fun calculating with time. 

Watch the videos and go through the teaching slides for part 1 and part 2. Then, work your way through the levelled questions which you can find below the website link. 

Find the lesson resources and activities by clicking this web link



Writing Task 3 – Titanic Persuasive Leaflet – resources 2 and 4

Imagine that you have been given the task to promote the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Create a persuasive leaflet to make people want to travel on the ship.


Introduction – all about the maiden voyage

On-board Luxury




New York City

Have a look at these examples for ideas. You may also want to look at leaflets you may have at home. What features do they all have? What type of language is used? Why is this?