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Monday 14.12.20

You will find activities for today inside your paper pack.

They will be labelled Week 1 Session 5.




Warm-up is TT Rockstars

Try your 3x, 4x and 8x 




Main Activity: Compare Numbers


Children should complete the activities provided. They should be encouraged to look at the value of each digit when comparing e.g. 452 and 457.

They should look at the hundreds digit for both numbers and then the tens, then the ones.

When using these symbols < and > they should remember that the alligator always eats the greater!


452 < 457



English and Reading


Starter: Spelling Test!


English – Preposition Word Mat (from lesson 1)

Children are to use the prepositions from the word mat to describe a scene of their choice- e.g. looking out from their window or a scene from a game or film.



Activity 1- Joe Wicks workout


Activity 2

Victorian Christmas Scavenger Hunt – complete the last two rows of questions using the internet to research.