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Happy birthday (yesterday) to Theo! We hope you had a wonderful day! 

Happy Birthday song

This traditional Happy Birthday Song video from infobells is sure to create a lot of excitement in every birthday. Wishing you all the great things in life, ...


Watch Mrs Kippax in the video below to practice our sounds and learn about todays phonics game to play at home. 

Phonics 01 03 21


Use the link below to watch an information video about farm animals.

Can you tell your grown up something you have learned that you didn't know before? 

Fun Farm Animal Facts for Children | Kids Learning Videos

Learn fun facts about animals found on the farm. Babies and toddlers will love watching the videos of the farm animals. Older children and kids will learn...


Join Mrs Kippax to learn about your writing activity for today. 

Literacy 01 03 21

Daily Arithmetic

Join Mrs Kippax to learn about fact families to help you with todays challenge.

Daily Arithmetic 01 03 21


What is subtraction? Watch the video below to find out!

Subtraction | Words with Puffballs (Sesame Studios)

What does it mean to subtract? If you have 5 pieces of pizza and you take away 2 pieces of pizza, then you've subtracted! That's right, subtract means to tak...


Watch Mrs Kippax to learn how to play Subtraction Smash for todays maths activity. 

Maths 01 03 21


Let's practice spelling our phase 5 tricky words using the look, cover and write activity from your paper pack (pictured below) 


Choose a book to read from your reading pack or eCollins library.


Choose an exciting activity from our Julia Donaldson activity pack.


Use the link below to listen to Miss Retallick read our story of the day 'Zog and the flying doctors' by Julia Donaldson!