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Use your Charanga YUMU log in that was in your Home School pack, to log in. Scroll down to the 'Plastic' button and you'll find the plastic song that we started learning. Have a go at the activities and enjoy a good sing. When you know it well enough and have practiced some rapping, have a go at writing a verse and a chorus about Home Schooling. I'd love to hear them.

Ever wanted to have a go at playing the piano? Well, now you can!

Use a virtual piano to press the keys it highlights and Hey Presto! You're an expert! https://pianu.com/

The kids page has a great selection to try.  https://pianu.com/category/kids

Click on songs then on kids and select the 1 star songs for your first try. Go on.... have a go!


If you enjoyed that, then have a go at the keyboard lessons on the Charanga website using your Charanga YUMU login that was in your Home Learning pack.