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Nature Quiz and wildlife update

Mrs Rogers has been enjoying spotting the wildlife in her garden. Here is a quiz for you about what she has seen. There are some super new words for you to discover too!

Mrs Rogers caught a mouse scuttling on her night-time spycam.

Still image for this video

Mrs Rogers has affectionately named the blackbird in her garden, 'Spot'. As you can see it has a white spot on the base of its beak! Spot's baby (on the right) has now been spotted on the spycam - he's extremely nosy!

Spot and her baby

Have a go at drawing wildlife in your garden.

As well as completing the quiz, Spencer has drawn and written about some of his favourite wildlife. What interesting facts!

Grace has completed the quiz and finished a 1000 piece jigsaw!! Can you spot any wildlife from Mrs Rogers' quiz in the jigsaw?