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Earth Day

Earth Day 2021

On Thursday we celebrated Earth Day, which this year had the theme 'Restore Our Earth'. 

Each year group had their own take on this, which was sometimes linked to the place they are studying as part of our current, 'Torrisholme on Tour' topic.

In Reception, the children learnt about recycling, including learning about the different materials and role playing sorting items for recycling. Each child has also upcycled a used tin can into a pencil pot!


In Year 1, the children donned gloves and armed with litter pickers, set about cleaning up the school grounds. They did a fantastic job!!


In Year 2, learnt about deforestation, specifically in Madagascar, their current place of study. They made some fantastic posters to show people what they can do to prevent further damage to our Earth.


In Year 3, to link with their work on rivers, the children learned about the impact of litter upon the oceans and rivers. 


In Year 4, the children focused on things in the home that reduce environmental impact. They then learnt about homes in Iceland and ways in which they are designed to be energy efficient. They then considered this in designing a Morecambe 'eco-house.'


In Year 5, the children have worked hard to transform the quad garden area into a 'bee friendly' garden, after learning about the importance of bees. They also made bird feeders to hang in the trees.


In Year 6, the children also considered the impact of deforestation and completed some great work inspired by the story 'The Great Kapok Tree' which is about rainforest conservation. This was linked to their work on South America.