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Pupil Parliament

Pupil Parliament


On Tuesday, Mrs Green, Mrs Price and four members of our school council visited County Hall, in Preston to meet with lots of other school groups from Morecambe and Lancaster.

We caught the train to Preston and met in the official 'Council Chambers', which was very exciting! We felt very important!

Each school had to give a short presentation about 'What makes Great Britain great?' Our councillors had worked together to create a super acrostic for 'Great Britain' and presented this very well to the audience. We also enjoyed listening to presentations from other schools and we leant all sorts of things about explorers, inventors, athletes, industry, farming and lots more.

After lunch, we enjoyed taking part in sessions on 'Global Links' and we were given our next challenge, which we will prepare for the next Pupil Parliament meeting, which takes place at Lancaster University in June.