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Our Learning Mentors

Mrs Banister and Mrs Winder are Torrisholme Primary School's Learning Mentors.


What is a Learning Mentor?

We work within the school offering support to children and families with any difficulties they may be having. We liaise closely with staff in school and with outside agencies.

We are here to listen, offer support and practical advice to help children make the most of their time at Torrisholme Primary School.


How can we help?

We can be part of your child's support network at school, helping with:

  • Attendance and Punctuality
  • Behaviour causing detriment to learning
  • Bullying
  • Problems with developing and maintaining friendships
  • Disrupted home life and family problems
  • Low self-esteem and confidence
  • Children new to the school who need help settling in
  • Children worried about transition to High School
  • Bereavement
  • Support for families


How can I be contacted?

For children-

We are available throughout the school day.

We can be found in the playground or in school at the start of the day and we are also available at playtime and lunchtime.


There is the 'chatterbox' found in the entrance to school (just by the guinea pig!) where children can put a slip in to say they would like a chat with us. 


For Parents/Carers -

We can be found in the playground or in school at the start of the day, please feel free to find us if you would like an informal chat. If you would prefer a more private meeting please contact the school office to arrange an appointment.


Play Leaders -

Our Year 5+6 Play Leaders do a fantastic job of playing and supporting the children at lunchtimes, whilst learning about responsibility and developing important skills for the future.


Torrisholme Tuckers - 

We have a healthy snack bar, serving a wide range of healthy snacks. Our Year 6 children help to prepare and sell the healthy snacks to KS2 children every day at morning break. Children can bring in 20p each day or they can purchase a snack pass for £1.00.

The snack bar serves a variety of foods including: fruit bread, rice cakes, bread sticks, yoghurts, fresh fruit and more!


Kidsafe - 

We deliver the Kidsafe Programme in our school. Kidsafe is a preventative programme to develop a child's ability to recognise unsafe situations and take appropriate action to protect themselves and keep safe. Usually the programme is delivered in Years 2 + 4.

Parents and carers are invited to an information meeting before any sessions are delivered to the children.



School Punctuality - 'Hot Spot' Days

Classroom doors are open for children to arrive at 8.50am. The bell goes at 8.55am for the start of the school day.Your cooperation in ensuring your child arrives to school on time would be greatly appreciated. 


'Be on time at Five to Nine' to get a raffle ticket to win a prize!