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Mastering New Skills or News to Share? Let's Celebrate!!!

Whether you are helping around the house, learning to bake, getting creative, planting in the garden, juggling, mastering a cartwheel, gracefully front flipping on your trampoline, I want to hear from you!

Macy has made this lovely home for Plop the baby Barn Owl from The Owl Who Was Afraid of The Dark. I love all the details she has added, ensuring it is a warm, cosy and practical place for Plop to sleep and make his home.

This piece of art gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. For me, it represents light, hope and new beginnings.

I love this crescent moon and star made my Ben.

A beautiful smile from our very own Little Miss Sunshine. She has finished reading her 11th book all by herself!!! One is missing because she very kindly lent it to a friend. I wonder if you can spot any that you might have read already.

Who's this handsome chap in the garden?

Being helpful at the stables with the new foal! 🐴
Enjoying walks in the woods. 🌲
Sibling love πŸ₯°
Who's hiding in the background?
Ruby's family have welcomed more chicks and ducklings hatch so Ruby has been kept busy looking after them. She has been learning lots of new skills and has been a great help around the home and outdoors!
Elliott decided to camp indoors ⛺️

As promised on our Zoom get together, here is our own rock star playing his electrical drum set!

Still image for this video

Banana cake - yum!

I love this watercolour painting from Ben πŸ₯°
Pentecost mobile by Joseph!
Lovely painting 🌈
This is lovely, Elliott!
Colouring activities in school.

Ruby and younger brother Freddie enjoying family time!

Enjoying quality time! Watching the sunset with her dog Eric and paddle boarding with her Dad in the Lake District.

Pizza making - yum!

Nothing beats a family walk! I love this place that these cheeky siblings discovered over half term.

What a lovely way to spend time with siblings πŸ˜‹
Somebody has lost their first baby tooth! 🦷

Joseph went crabbing and he was very excited to tell me that not only did he manage to catch 6 crabs, but he also caught the biggest one!!!

This super-smashing boy was set various challenges from Beavers - tying his shoe laces, friendship knot and reef knot - he nailed did it!

This young man has been completing challenges at Beavers and mastering the tying of different knots. I love hearing about this and of course receiving these beautiful pictures. Thank you for your kind words - I miss you too, Elliott!

Getting ready to go camping...
Oliver has been learning new skills whilst camping
Evelyn's mouthwatering cookies!
What a catch! A carp weighing a whopping 7lb10oz!!😲
Meet the new pup Tilly 😍
This is so kind - thank you! I miss you more...πŸ˜‰
Lovely picture! Take a look at the wasp nest...
Sisterly love πŸ₯° Exploring with sensory mats.
I love seeing how well this duo get on.
Look at the car I made using crates and tyres...
Our very own fashion designer made this fab dress!
A beautiful picture for our Year 2 video.
Joining his sister for a Zoom dance class!

Decorating a (Hulk) SMASH-ing cake for little brother, Harry. I love it! A very Happy Birthday to you, Harry! πŸŽ‚

How AMAZING is this??? The art of tie-dyeing mastered perfectly by our very own superstar right here!

Another one of my trusted assistants from the Year 2 Cookery Club using her skills independently!

One of my trusted assistants from the Year 2 Cookery Club now using her skills independently!

Super helpful siblings looking after the horses.
Super helpful siblings looking after the horses.

Enjoying family time together!

Enjoying the Easter break whilst learning new skills!

Miss this smile.
Siblings enjoying painting outside.
Can you guess who this is keeping fit?
Amazing strength and flexibility!
Great hideout, Chloe!
Chloe's taken her home learning outside!
Another baker!
Looks yummy, chef!
Another contestant for Junior Bake Off!
The best part of baking!

In The Kitchen - Next stop...Junior Bake Off!

After watching my Creative Crafts video, some of you have mastered the concertina fold quicker than me!

2 smiles in one - great stuff!
An excellent picture of a clown juggling, Joseph!
I love this colourful clown & Easter tree.
I love how you've used your own ideas, Ben!
Evelyn created this beautiful rainbow flower.

Following my lead but managing to make a much better clown than me!

My Marvellous Mathematicians!

Millie has been working on the time in school.
Great work on 3D shapes!
Excellent work on spellings and on 3D shapes!
Super spellings and great maths work!

Great work on 2d shapes!

Excellent problem-solving, Oliver!
Fantastic work on fractions, Ben! 🌟
Evelyn solved the Maths problem of the day πŸ†
Evelyn solved the Maths problem of the day πŸ†
Chloe solved the Maths problem of the day 🌟
Practising times tables. Great work, Henrietta! 🌟
Superb, Henrietta!
Practising multiplication & division. Wow, Max! 🌟
Solving the problem of the day - superb Millie! 🌟

Joseph has been working hard with his Maths problem of the day. πŸ†

Oliver has been a little superstar in his Maths problem solving πŸ†

Fantastic effort on the Maths Problems, Evelyn!
You've 'clocked' it, Evelyn - well done!
Max has been practising addition and subtraction.
Fantastic problem-solving, Lilly! 🌟
Fantastic problem-solving, Lilly! 🌟

Working hard to solve the Maths Problem of the Day!

Elliott has been doing some maths...with sweets!! First, he estimated how many sweets were in the bag and then he counted and grouped them. The best bit was eating them after lunch, of course!

Evelyn shares a video on how to work out the fraction of an amount.

Still image for this video
Great work, Lewis! 🌟
First to solve today's maths problem πŸ†
Evelyn has started to move onto column addition πŸ‘πŸ½

This is truly amazing!!! Henrietta has set up a really cool Garden Centre in her Wendy house! I would love to buy some of your wonderful plants.

Elliott is loving Mathletics!
Excellent work on telling the time.
Wow! Finding the sum of different coins.
Great working on counting money, Chloe!
Amazing work on so many maths concepts, Lewis!
I'm so PROUD of you for persevering, Elliott!
Oliver enjoying Mathletics.
Terrific work on fractions, James!
Hunting for clues using maths! Fab, Evelyn!
Chloe's all set to learn about money.
Super stuff, Emily!
Using the bar model to find fractions of amounts.
Great work, Ben!
What a superstar, Tyler! Thanks for the email.

Brilliant work on place value and addition and subtraction, Logan!

Can you make a clock to help you tell the time?
Nice work, Logan!
Superb effort, Ruby
Great work, Elliott!

Writing Corner

Super responses to Diary of A Killer Cat.
Fantastic effort, Evelyn!
Great work, Max!

Wow! Joseph has been working hard on his comprehension and on the Talk4Writing activities based on The Elves and The Shoemaker. I'm very impressed πŸ†

Excellent response from Evelyn to the Talk4Writing activities based on The Elves and The Shoemaker.

Excellent spellings work, Henrietta!
I love the rainbows, Elliott!
Great work, Elliott!
Superb, Ben! 🌟
I love a good crossword, Ben!
Good work, Ben.
Joseph's comprehension on The Crown Jewels πŸ‘‘
Excellent, Evelyn 🌟

A very impressive collection of work from Evelyn in response to The Magical Teaching Box activities.

Hangman fun outdoors
Have you guessed what it is?
A letter to Kristoff from Logan.
Keeping in touch with friends. Lovely, Chloe.
Fab picture and description of Mr Twit, Chloe!
Wow! Sounds like you had so much fun, Lewis!
Lovely sentences, Elliott.
Fantastic, Evelyn!
Lovely letter, Evelyn!
Chloe's Magic Potion.
Super writing based on the Elephant Dance, Lilly.
The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me -
A Rewrite by Evelyn.
Great diary writing, Elliott. I miss you too!

What a brilliant way to make words, Elliott! You also found the 7-letter word and its meaning too!

Evelyn's Marvellous Gloop πŸ§ͺ

Book Reviews and Recommendations

Watch my video over on Torrisholme TV (Mrs Patel's Favourite Stories) with some ideas on how to write your book review. Happy reading!

The Slightly Annoying Elephant- 5 stars from Ben.
The Dragonsitter - 5 stars from James.
Oliver read The Lazy Giant online.
The World's Worst Children - 5 stars from Evelyn.
The Giraffe & The Pelly & Me - 5 stars from Evelyn
The Stinky Sprouts - 5 stars from Ben.
Gangsta Granny - 5 stars from Elliott.

In the Garden

Hope you are enjoying the glorious sunshine! It's the perfect time to learn about animals and nature. Could you plant some seeds and watch them grow? Remember plants need lots of love so water them carefully and nurture them with a song or story. It would be bloom-in' marvellous to hear how you get on!

Daniel has planted courgettes, carrots, cabbage and broccoli! He's been watering them everyday.

Another wonderful video from the garden, this time explaining how to plant a flower.

Still image for this video
Henrietta continues with planting in the garden.

An update on the tomato challenge, brilliantly presented!

Still image for this video
Wow! Look at Lilly's tomato plant πŸ…
Can you tell me what Evelyn has planted?

Henrietta has been keeping very busy in the garden

Look what I found!
Evelyn's 'Forget Me Nots' just starting to sprout!
A mini-garden created by this young man!

Calling all Historians, Geographers and Scientists πŸ“£

It's wonderful to see that you are taking control of your learning and becoming truly independent learners. As you independently research new and exciting facts as historians, geographers, scientists (and more), I will share your knowledge with your friends and families right here. 

BEn's fact file on habitats ⭐️
Ben's Space News! πŸš€
Evelyn has been researching Queen Victoria.
Excellent presentation of facts, James!
Excellent report writing, Evelyn.
Wow, James! I love how you've recorded these facts
Great stuff, Elliott.
Mouthwatering Iftar meal, James.
I can't wait to try this out, Elliott!
Looks absolutely amazing, Joseph!
Ben's plan for a great moon buggy!
Great map work!
Elliott compares the weather in Tokyo & Vancouver.
Amazing facts about Japan, Elliott.
Super report writing, Oliver!
And you managed it on Purple Mash too!
Ben's been learning about flowers and pollination.
Will Bob be able to use this?
Excellent fact finding, James!
A magnificent model of the Taj Mahal, Henrietta!
I love how you've shown the colour meanings, Ben.
Super facts from our little Geographer, Ben!
Can I come too, Logan?
Super labelling of the human body, Ruby!
Great work on the continents, Ruby!
Ruby's continuing her research on India!
Brilliant facts about India, Mia!

Random Acts of Kindness

Many of you have brightened up your windows with a colourful rainbow to show your appreciation to the NHS, key workers, the bin men, the milkman or to simply spread some happiness to all those people who may walk past your home during their daily exercise. Let's stay smiling

Leaving books for passersby - such a kind act! πŸ₯°
Look at Joseph's colourful window!
A colourful masterpiece by this fun-loving duo.
A rainbow of similes by Lilly.
Lovely smile to compliment this colourful rainbow!
Thank you Mr Milkman-your job is important too!
Chloe's Spitfire for Captain Tom Moore's 100th πŸŽ‚
Evelyn's window flower to make everyone smile.
Oliver's colourful window display.
Chloe's Get Well card for Boris.
Chloe's Get Well card for Boris.
Ruby's Rainbow.

Easter Eggs-travaganza!

I've been really egg-cited to receive your emails this week so please keep them coming! It's now officially the Easter holidays so let's hatch a plan to have the most FUN ever, especially in this glorious sunshine!  There are Easter challenges on the school Facebook page and other Easter activities on the school website. Most important of all, keep smiling and stay safe! smiley

A lovely poster from Evelyn for Father Damian.

They've finally hatched! 🐣 How egg-citing!!! These Easter chicks have really made me smile πŸ₯πŸ₯πŸ₯

Birthday Shout Outs πŸ“£πŸ₯³

πŸ₯³ A very happy 7th birthday to the lovely Poppy!! Don't forget to save me a slice of that yummy cake! πŸŽ‚

Next up it's me! Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me... Thank you for my lovely birthday messages and good wishes! Can anyone tell me how old I am now? The closer you are to 21 the better your guess is! I owe you all a birthday treat!

LB-Happy Birthday.mp4

Still image for this video

A very Happy Birthday to this cheeky chap! who has now turned 7! I absolutely love your new trainers and I hope you have the most amazing day! πŸŽ‚

I love your new pet mouse, Speedy! I hope you have a smashing day and remember to keep smiling that gorgeous smile! πŸŽ‚