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Quick Challenges

Quick Challenges

On this page I will be putting some quick little activities that you could have a go at. Why not choose a number of them to compete in a mini-olympics?

Let me know how you get on by emailing me at:


A. A great challenge: Choose a word (E.g. 'Torrisholme'). How many other words can you make from this word in a certain time? This can be done one your own or with other people. Make it easier for younger people by allowing them to have smaller words. 

We played this for about 45 minutes!

B. Whilst on a walk or cycle ride, can you identify 10 different plants or trees? This starts off quite easy but becomes more difficult! Good luck

C. Learn to bowl a ball as in a game of cricket. Keep your arm straight and head looking at the target.

D. Put a number of small objects(about 20) on a tray or a plate. Cover the objects with a cloth. Remove one of the objects. Can the other person guess which object that you have removed?

1. Roll a potato across the floor with your nose.

2. How many pennies can you stack in 30 seconds with one hand behind your back?

3. How many lego bricks can you stack in 30 seconds?

4. How many star jumps can you do with a beanbag on your head?

5. Transfer shreddies from one bowl to another using chopsticks.

6. Transfer ping pong balls from one bowl to another with a spoon in your mouth.

7. Place a biscuit on your forehead and move it to your mouth without touching it.

8. Keep 3 balloons in the air for one minute.

9. How many items of clothing can you put on in one minute?

10. Who can roll six 6's on a dice the fastest?

11. Using a straw, can you transfer ping pong balls from one bowl to another?

12. One person chooses a colour. The other person has to get five things of that colour as quickly as possible.