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RE Day

We returned to school after our half term break to a lovely day of reflection. The focus of our RE Theme day was 'GUIDANCE'.


We discussed and considered many aspects of this and came to the conclusion that we are guided and supported in every aspect of our lives, from birth to death.


As part of our day, we visited two of our local churches here in Torrisholme - the Methodist Church and the Church of Ascension.

We were warmly welcomed at both and we listened to some of the guidance the Bible has to offer us. We also identified that there are many 'symbols' that offer guidance to your thoughts and your actions all around us.


We also enjoyed a 'Big Bible Lesson' from Mrs Mosey, who visited us in the afternoon, and again we were able to explore some of the stories within the Bible that help us offer and receive guidance. 


Many thanks to EVERYONE who helped us enjoy our day!

Memories of our day