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We have two Reception classes that work very closely together!
Class RS - Miss Shepherd is your class teacher who is supported by the fabulous teaching assistants Mrs Rawnsley and Mrs Thornburrow. In Class RS there will be additional support from Mrs Davison and Miss Retallick. 

Class RKB - Mrs Kippax and Mrs Baker are your class teachers and supported by the fantastic Mrs Thornburrow and Mrs McDonald. 


On a Wednesday  afternoon, Miss  Shepherd,  Mrs Kippax and Mrs Baker have PPA. During this time, Class RS will be taught by Mrs Green and Class RKB will be taught by Mrs Pitcher.


This is our very own page where we will share all the exciting things that we have been doing! Keep checking back to see up-to-date photos and information. 

Today we went to the post box to post our letters to Father Christmas. We had such a great time and learned lots of things about Torrisholme. We spotted a bus stop, speed limit signs, lots of bungalows and some for sale signs. When we got to the post box we made a wish too. 

We've had lots of fun in the ICT suite. We have learnt how to use our mouse to click,