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Providing children are well enough, please choose some activities from this list of suggestions during an initial, short term absence.



  • Reading and talking about their school reading book or other stories at home
  • Choose games or activities on the Phonics Play website (username: TorrisholmeCP password: phonicsplay)



  • Login to Ten Town to take part in number activities (use your child's log in which is in their home-school diary)
  • Using the www.topmarks.co.uk website, use the search facility to find early years maths activities


Wider Curriculum


Screen-Free Suggestions

  • Read to younger siblings or your teddy bear
  • Go on a shape hunt around the house
  • Play a board game
  • Cooking or baking – reading the recipe, measuring the ingredients etc
  • Write a letter or make a card to send to someone
  • Create your own role play – collect together all the things you have around the house to help you create a shop (food, shoes, whatever appeals to your child), a hair salon, a vet’s surgery for poorly stuffed animals or a post office
  • Get out your play doh, building bricks, craft bits, sewing basket, empty the recycling box and see what you can create!
  • Put on a puppet show or a play
  • Make your own comic book starring your favourite book, film or tv characters
  • Help with jobs around the house