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Reception Spanish

We are learning a song about a pirate!

Canción Infantil El pirata valiente

Pirata ta,

Pirata ta,

Pirata ta ta ta.

Pirata ta,

Pirata ta,

Pirata ta ta ta.


Juanito es un pirata,

Con un pañuelo rojo,

Una pata de palo,

Y un parche en el ojo.


Pirate, pirate, pirate!

Juanito is a pirate,

With a red neck scarf,

A wooden leg,

And an eyepatch on his eye.

How are you?


We are learning a short song to help us say how we are feeling.


¿Cómo estás?- How are you?

Muy Bien- Very well

Bien- OK

Regular-So so

Mal- Not well

What is your name? ¿Cómo te llamas?


We have been telling María what our name is in Spanish.


Me llamo .... ( My name is.....)

Autumn Term


In Reception we have met the two Spanish puppets Carlos and María.




We have learned a greetings song. We will be learning some more greetings ,how to say goodbye and how to say what we are called.

¡Hola!- Hello!

¡Buenos días!- Good morning!

¡Buenas tardes! –Good afternoon!

¡Buenas noches!- Good night!

¡Adiós! – Goodbye!

¡Hasta luego!-See you later!