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We hope that you are all ok and staying healthy and safe! 

Keep an eye on this page for updates, links for useful websites and pictures of  what Golden Bear is getting up to. 

Use this time to enjoy family time! Spend time together and enjoy each others company - we will be back to school before you know it.

Don't forget to keep in touch and email us: yearr@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

Stay safe,

Miss Shepherd, Mrs Kippax and Mrs Baker x


Reception Home Learning Letter and information. This is the newsletter that was sent home on Friday 20th March with your child. There are lots of ideas for the time your child is out of school. Have fun and we are thinking of you all.

Golden Bear has had a very busy sporting weekend. He’s been on a long bike ride (he was very tired when he got home) and he’s been for a round of golf! What exercise have you been doing?

Golden Bear has been doing some gardening and helping to plant some flowers. It got a little bit messy but he did a great job.

Golden Bear is having a go at lots of challenges this week that the boys and girls from class RKB set him! Here is a sock puppet he made. Have you made a puppet before? Why not have a go and send a picture into us. I'm sure Golden Bear would love to see them! Golden bear has also been practising his gymnastics! He can do the splits and he has been jumping lots on the trampoline. He has made some yummy cakes and has been colouring aswell..

Golden Bear loved seeing the boys and girls from class RKB on our zoom video chat! He hopes you liked our games and stories :)

Golden Bear has been having a fun filled weekend. He’s been enjoying playing on the Nintendo Switch.

Golden Bear has been doing a home work out today! He’s trying to be very healthy and do lots of exercise.

Thomas has become a big brother to baby Jennifer! Congratulations to all the family!

Golden Bear has a secret message for you all!

Still image for this video
He’s going to wait patiently for your reply!

Look who Golden Bear bumped into today...

Can you guess where Golden Bear is?

Today, Golden Bear enjoyed having a picnic for his lunch with his best friend! They followed the instructions on the picnic challenge but decided to have ham sandwiches instead of jam!

Golden Bear has been enjoying playing some games. He’s getting good at frustration now and he won! Have you been playing any games?

Golden Bear has been having a relaxing weekend. He’s had a lovely bubble bath and even had a facial. He’s feeling all relaxed and chilled now.

Golden Bear took on the challenge on building a reading den! He waited until it got dark and enjoyed some bedtime stories in there before heading off to bed. He even made up some stories and told them to his teddy bear friends.

Golden Bear has been doing some sunbathing today. He had to keep putting lots of sun cream on. It’s been very hot! He’s looking forward to seeing some chalked exercise paths. We have one on our street that he’s going to try and do tomorrow!

Golden Bear has been enjoying watching lots of films over the past few weeks. We’ve watched High School Musical 1, 2 & 3 and Lady and the Tramp. What films have you been watching?

Golden Bear has been baking again - this time it was creme egg brownies! Have you been baking any Easter treats? Head over to Torrisholme TV to see Mrs Thornburrow’s video tutorial on how to make chocolate krispie cakes. Don’t forget to send us some pictures of them. Have fun!

The Easter bunny has delivered lots of yummy Easter eggs to Golden Bear! He’s going to start eating some soon. We hope you get lots of nice Easter eggs too!

Golden Bear helped Miss Shepherd to clean the car this morning - he was fantastic! Maybe you could show a random act of kindness and help your grown ups do a job around the house or garden! I’m sure they would really appreciate it, let us know how you get on 😊

Golden Bear wanted to do some egg box maths! He’s set you a challenge in the challenge page above, click the rainbow link to see the challenge. Good luck!

Today, Golden Bear decided to make a cake! It’s very yummy! We are going to make another next week. We wondered if you could bake your own cakes and write a recipe for us to follow. Send your recipes to our email address. Happy baking!

One of the Easter challenges set by Mrs Price was to make an Easter Bonnet. Mrs Baker has been busy making one. Have you made one? Send us pictures to yearr@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk

Mrs Baker had a go at the challenge that Miss Shepherd set- to make an instrument that the giraffe could dance to! We got a plastic bottle and used some paint to decorate (my little girl got a bit messy and decided to paint her hand too!) then pasta to fill it up a little bit. Now it makes a sound when we shake it! Can you guess which colours I mixed to make the pink paint? Have you made one? Email us the photographs to yearr@torrisholme.lancs.sch.uk. We would LOVE to see!

Mrs Baker and her little girl have completed the alphabet challenge! There were lots of things at home beginning with letters of the alphabet. Have you completed it too? Don't forget to send us updates and pictures of what you have been upto too! We love to read them.

Miss Retallick and her little boy, Callum, made a fabulous rainbow for their window! Golden Bear had to pinch their idea - we are spreading lots of hope at our houses! Can you make a rainbow? Email us a picture if you have, we can't wait to see!

Golden Bear has been having lots of fun whilst being off school! He has read LOTS of books and eaten even more chocolates! He's planning to complete the den challenge this week.

Useful links for at home

Collins Big Cat have given us online access to their reading scheme books. The reading books are narrated to support the enjoyment of reading for our Reception children. You can also read the books under the 'progress books' tab for further reading material in your colour band. Can we ask that you explore the books in the yellow, blue and green colour bands during our time away from school.


Details to access the website:

Go to https://connect.collins.co.uk/school/Portal.aspx

Click on the Teacher portal and enter

Username: parents@harpercollins.co.uk

Password: Parents20!

Click Login

Collins Big Cat online reading books