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Science Week

Welcome to Science Week!

Over the course of this week the children will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of scientific learning, predicting, experimenting and investigating. 

On Monday we worked with a real scientist during our science boffin workshop. We looked at how different chemicals react with each other to make whizzes, pops and bangs! We used a plasma ball to conduct electricity and we stirred up our own pots of gooey slime!!


The Aliens are coming...

Hello 1s, our alien babies are not toilet trained - what will they wear when we come to visit you on Earth?

Today we tested the absorbency of different materials to find the perfect one for an alien babies nappy. 

We conducted a fair test and found that sponge was the most absorbent material.

1S, please help us free our alien friends from the ice.

Which of the following tools and materials would help us free the aliens from the ice in the quickest time?

  • A spoon
  • A fluffy towel
  • Salt
  • A paper towel
  • Using our breath 

And the winner was...the spoon!


Floating Ball Game

To say thank you for our amazing alien nappy investigation, the aliens sent us everything we needed to make one of their favourite games! Everything, that is, except the instructions...

Luckily, they had just fallen out of the box so we were each able to make our own floating ball game. smiley

By blowing through the straw we discovered we could make the foil ball bounce about.