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Solid, Liquid or Gas… that is the question!

Observing Melting (in sunny spring temperatures!)
Particles. Energy. Change of state. Solid. Liquid. Melting point. 
Predict. Fair test. Observe. Record. Gather. Interpret. 


Just some of today’s vocabulary used during our Science session this afternoon. We observed closely (like scientists) to see how, or even if, a range of familiar materials would melt in the classroom. We made initial predictions drawing upon our own experiences and went on to make some surprising discoveries.

As expected, the ice cream melted with ease and rather quickly yet the butter didn’t melt in the way we expected. The ice also behaved as anticipated although it really did enjoy its ‘slip n slide’ antics around the tray as it slid through its own melted puddle! The margarine barely changed and the chocolate… well, other than a few teensy weensy beads of water on the top giving the appearance of ‘sweat’, it remained unchanged.
Conclusions are yet to be drawn but overall, a super smiley Science afternoon was enjoyed!