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South Africa

Cultural Diversity Week


On Monday 7th November, we spent time thinking about and discussing the question  'What makes people feel British?'

We challenged many stereotypes that people have about British people. Following this we considered what being British means to us and learnt about British Values


For the rest of this week, Year 3 focused on the country, South Africa.

​We began again by challenging the stereotypes portrayed in the media. We researched and discussed Nelson Mandela and the important part he played in changing the lives of many in South Africa creating the 'RainboNation' that is today.


We have had lots of fun, found out interesting facts and we have most definitely been challenged.

Some of the other activities we have completed are: djembe drumming,  finding out about the Big Five,  creating a African inspired collage, making and playing our very own rattle drums and having a go at Zulu basket weaving.

African baskets! We have been weaving which has been quite tricky but we have persevered.