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Space 🌍

The phases of the moon. 5M enjoyed learning about the 8 phases of the moon especially recreating them using Oreos. Next time you take a look at the moon, ask your child to identify it’s phase.

We hope you enjoyed Year 5’s space exhibition and all the effort the children put into it at both school and home.

Year 5’s Spectacular Space Sleepover - Not quite sure about the sleep though!

Astronaut Training Day


To prepare us for our exciting space topic, we’ve put ourselves in an astronaut shoes and had a fantastic time completing astronaut training. While working on our teamwork, leadership and communication skills in groups, we completed a range of different activities. 

First stop Torrisholme, next stop NASA! 👩🏾‍🚀

Taking inspiration from Peter Thorpe, we have began experimenting with different techniques to create different abstract space backgrounds. Keep your eyes peeled for the progression and our final master pieces

The Sun, Earth and Moon


We have been learning about the relative size and shape of the Sun, Earth and Moon.

Did you know in comparison, if the Moon was the size of a peppercorn, the   Earth would be the size of the pea and the Sun would be the size of a beach ball.

We had fun predicting the relative sizes between them, then found out if the three were shrunk down the distance between them would be Moon to Earth - 25cm and Earth to Sun a huge 93m!

We are extremely lucky to have Steve the cricket coach coming in on a Friday afternoon to help us excel in our cricket skills🏏. Please ensure your child has an outdoor PE kit in school.