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Splendid Skies

Space Art in the style of Peter Thorpe

This week, we have been learning about the space artist Peter Thorpe. After studying his work and learning about some of the techniques he uses to create his pieces we spent time developing our own colour mixing skills. We practised mixing primary colours to make secondary colours and revisited the skill of tinting and toning to create different shades of the same colour. We also practised drawing and block colouring rocket shapes. Later, we were able to apply all of our skills in the creation of abstract backgrounds which we used to display our fabulous block coloured space rockets. The results were outstanding and are know displayed in the KS1 corridor - please feel free to pop in, at the end of the school day, and see them for yourself!

Investigating Height and Length

This week, the children have been using lots of different standard and non-standard resources to support their understanding of measuring length and height. We had lots of fun comparing each other's heights and loved hunting for and measuring sticks to develop our understanding of lengths greater than and less than one metre. We also spent time investigating length using a range of non-standard units. We learnt how to measure with accuracy and how to select the best unit of measure for the job.

The Memory Box

Today, we once again, opened our memory box - what would we find inside? We looked carefully at all the clues before drawing and labelling our ideas on a giant piece of shared paper. We correctly predicted that the clues were linked to space - great detective work year 1! We will spend the next couple of weeks looking at the history of space travel and learning more about notable people and events. We started our learning by creating simple timelines to show some of the major events in the history of space travel. We also labelled our timelines to indicate the passing of time.

More Weather Reports

It's not sounding good for the UK!!


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Which direction is the wind blowing?

We spent the most joyful session investigating wind direction, on Thursday! After spending some time learning about compass points, we went outside and using simple resources (ribbon sticks and carrier bags) we discovered that the wind was blowing North. We also discovered that we could use walls, fences and trees to protect us from the wind!

On Friday, we continued our windy weather focus by investigating the question, 'Will the wind blow it?'

We used our knowledge of materials to predict whether they would be blown by the wind before going outside to complete a fair test. We then evaluated our findings by saying why the wind could blow some objects and not others - great work 1S!


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Today's Weather!



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Trees in Winter.

We went to visit our class tree - where were all the leaves?

We were able to recall lots of information about our class tree and how deciduous trees change with the seasons. We noticed the bare branches and used our senses to explore the trunk of the tree - we even hugged it! Later, we used water colour paints to capture what we had seen and compared our paintings to the ones we created in the autumn.

We are Scientists!

To kick-start our new 'Splendid Skies' topic, we challenged the children to use jam jar science experiments to find out more about clouds and rain, wind and tornadoes.

We used these to help us understand the water cycle and how a tornado is formed.

Look how carefully we are observing the 'science' in our jars!