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Splendid Skies

Spring 1 Newsletter

Measures in Maths

This week we have been exploring the length and heights of different items. We have used mathematical language to compare them too. On Thursday we enjoyed a stick hunt. The children used rulers to measure the length of their sticks accurately.

Ice Melting Challenge

Today's big question; What will melt the ice quickest?

We investigated 5 different ice melting techniques to see which would release the little figure from his ice cube the quickest. We tried -

Warming the ice with our hands

Using a tool to chip away at the ice

Breathing on the ice

Putting salt on the ice

Doing nothing

We found that using a tool to chip away at the ice was the quickest way of releasing the little figure. It was a very exciting challenge, I think the whoops and cheers would have been heard all around school!

Is it waterproof?

This week, we were challenged to make an umbrella for Incy Wincy Spider. For our first challenge, we had to test a range of different materials to find out which were waterproof. We worked hard to complete a fair test by ensuring our test materials were the same size and that we used our pipettes carefully to squeeze 10 drops of water onto each piece of material.

Although our test showed that both foil and plastic were waterproof, we concluded that plastic would be the best material for Incy Wincy's umbrella as it was stronger than foil and wouldn't tear.

Our next challenge was to create an umbrella that would keep Incy Wincy dry in the rain. The results were amazing! We spent time investigating different joining techniques and we used a combination of materials to make our umbrellas strong. We also refined our designs to make them even better before testing them in a rain storm. Incy Wincy was very pleased with the results!

Signs of Winter

Adding by making ten


The children have been learning how to use printing techniques to create trees for each of the four seasons.


We are Scientists!

To kick-start our new 'Splendid Skies' topic, we challenged the children to use jam jar science experiments to find out more about clouds and rain, wind and tornadoes.

We used these to help us understand the water cycle and how a tornado is formed.

Look how carefully we are observing the 'science' in our jars!

Will the Wind Blow it?

Today Mrs Scholey challenged us to predict and then test which of the following materials - plastic, wood, paper, stone, cardboard - would be blown by the wind and why?