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Sports Funding

Sports Funding


Staff at Torrisholme continue to work hard to ensure all children experience and develop their skills as part of a varied and enjoyable Physical Education curriculum. To add to this, we provide a wide range of extra-curricular sports and activities and provide many opportunities for the children to take part in many different competitions.  


During 2018 - 19, the school received £10,300 funding to develop and improve the effectiveness of school sport and PE across school. The funding has been used and is being used to:

  • Continue our very close partnership with Morecambe High School to ensure children in KS2 are provided with the opportunity to take part in high quality Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. The partnership includes training for teachers on how to deliver high quality OAA within the PE curriculum on the school grounds and a broad range of opportunities for our children to take part in which are led by highly experienced and qualified OAA instructors. The activities which have been/are being provided include kayaking, climbing, ghyll scrambling, orienteering and walking. As part of this partnership, we provide opportunities to engage inactive children to get involved in a range of adventurous activities to broaden their experiences and increase their attitude towards physical activity. 
  • To enter into partnership with Heysham School Sport to increase the number of competitive opportunities, particularly for lower KS2 and KS1 children. The partnership includes training for teachers. 
  • Purchase of a new, updated scheme of work. 
  • Provide every year group (KS1 and KS2) with a specialist coach, most of which are from local clubs, to deliver at least one half term of PE sessions along side the teachers to provide quality PE in a range of areas. So far, these have included archery, gym stars, basketball, tag rugby, judo, hockey, cricket and dance. The sessions are organised so that teachers can then continue the progression of skills using plans developed with the coaches. 
  • Young Leaders Course to train Year 5 children up as sport leaders so they can plan and deliver clubs alongside teachers and take part in the organisations of sporting events. 
  • Improve the quality of PE sessions and develop the PE skills through a variety of different activities by funding appropriate and necessary resources to offer a high quality, broad and balanced PE curriculum. 
  • Fund resources for a weekly inclusive sports club and to improve inclusive access to the PE curriculum. This has enabled children with disabilities to take part in outside school activities. 
  • To teach all children in Reception and Year 1 to ride a bike. 
  • Professional development training which has included KS1 fundamental skills, inclusive sports, PE conference and EYFS physical development. 


Impact of the PE Funding 

  • Teacher's confidence in the delivery of PE has increased as a result of training, new scheme of work and working alongside specialist coaches. 
  • Participation in extra-curricular sports club has increased. 
  • Children's attitudes towards PE has improved. 
  • The PE curriculum offers an improved and increased range of activities. 
  • School participation in competitions has improved. 
  • Children have had the opportunity to take part in a broader range of Outdoor and Adventurous Activities. 
  • Children in Reception and Year can ride a bike. 
  • Participation of children with disabilities has increased. 
  • Links between local high schools and sports clubs have improved. 
  • Inactive children have become actively engaged in sports through targeted clubs and opportunities. 



To ensure the improvements and impact the school sports funding has had is sustained, teachers work closely with specialist coaches to develop their knowledge and understanding of the progression of skills in specific sports and to equip them with the skills to deliver high quality sessions in the future: these are then shared between staff members. New Schemes of work  for both Key Stages ensure progress throughout the PE curriculum. Regular PE training develops the confidence of staff to deliver consistently high quality PE sessions and training is shared between all staff members. Being involved in a partnership with Morecambe High School and Heysham School’s Network, ensures extremely strong links are being established with the majority of the local primary schools which ensures intra and inter school competitions can be set up for the children in the future. This network and partnership also creates a group of teachers who can work together to ensure high quality PE and Sport is being delivered.



In the future, we plan to use the sports funding to:

  • Improve outcomes in swimming by providing further lessons for the children who leave Year 4 not being able to swim 25 metres. 
  • Continue to provide high quality training for all teachers to continually improve the provision and quality of PE and sport. 
  • To provide opportunities, through coaches and specific clubs, to continue to decrease the number of inactive children throughout school. 
  • Implement 'The Daily Mile' and look into getting a path around the field to ensure this can be achieved. 
  • Make playtimes more actively engaging by funding permanent sports fixtures: basketball hoops, table tennis tables and football nets. 



96% of children in Year 6 can swim 25 metres and perform a range of different strokes. All the children have had lessons in safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.