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Spring 1st half - Amazing Animals

Amazing Animals!

After our Christmas break, everyone in 2B has been working hard on our new topic 'Amazing Animals!' We have a very busy term coming up with lots of fun and exciting things planned for the children.

Our year group newsletter below gives you lots of information about things happening in school over the next few weeks:

Year 2 newsletter - January 2019

Week beginning 14th January

This week we have been learning all about the Arctic and the wonderful animals which live there. We learnt how to locate the Arctic on a map of the world and found out lots of interesting facts. We can tell you which animals can be found in the Arctic and have become experts on polar bears! Ask us about the colour of a polar bear's fur (it's not white), why it has such large feet and what he likes to eat for dinner.

We used our painting, collage and printing skills to create our own pictures of polar bears on the Arctic ice with some beautiful results...

Polar bear art - collage, painting and printing.

We used crepe paper for the Arctic Ocean.
Then we added ice...
...using a mixture of paint, glue and glitter.
Finally, we used a stencil...
...to print a polar bear onto the ice.

Week beginning 21st January

Having explored the Arctic, we have now moved on to the grasslands of the African savannah. In Literacy, we read the story 'The Lion Inside' by Rachel Bright and learnt about how we all have a lion and a mouse inside us. We explored some of the beautiful language in the book and imagined ourselves in role as the brave mouse, writing extracts from his diary.

In art, we returned to our printing skills and created a whole class piece of artwork of the African savannah. We found out lots of interesting facts about different African animals. Ask us about the jobs that male and female lions have in their pride or about why giraffes have very long, black tongues!

Whole class printing and painting project.

Week beginning 28th January

We have arrived in Australia to discover the animals of the Great Barrier Reef. We learnt that the coral which forms the reef is actually an amazing animal and not a plant. The coral is made up of thousands of tiny animals called polyps. Freddie and Grace brought in some of their own coral from home for us all to take a look at. We were  fascinated by the different shapes of the coral and the many tiny holes in it.

Great Barrier Reef artwork

Week beginning 25th February

To conclude our work on amazing animals the children have been putting all of their learning to good work. The class worked in role as members of an imaginary company called 'Creature Comforts'. This week we had a customer who asked us to create homes for his collection of animals which had been rescued from places all over the world. The children chose their own teams and were given a specific habitat to recreate in their enclosure. We had to use all of our 'learning powers' to work as part of a team, to share out the jobs, to be organised and to plan what we wanted to do.

The children were very proud of their finished enclosures and had fun sharing them with their friends and family at our share event.

Animal enclosures