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Spring Term 1

Tuesday 8th February marks Safer Internet Day, a globally recognised day to celebrate the wonders of digital technology while promoting its safe and positive use. We all use it.  We all need it for school and for fun. What is crucial to remember is how to use it safely, respectfully and responsibly. 

The theme this year is ‘All fun and games?’ So that’s exactly what we’ve done… made games! Taking inspiration from some cardboard classics, we have designed and made games that help us learn how to stay safe while playing or interacting online. Answer correctly and the bank will pay you a dividend or you can move up the wires.  Glitch out and you’re hit with a fine or taking time out!


This activity also required great teamwork and communication. We worked really well together to create these fun games and we’ve enjoyed playing them even more!😁

Games. Of a Safer Internet Day kind.