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Summer 2nd topic - Pirates!'

2nd Summer Newsletter - Pirates

Welcome to pirate school!

2B received a message in a bottle from a pirate called Kassim asking them to join his pirate crew so we're off to pirate school for the next few weeks to get ourselves ship-shape and ready!

Now every good pirate needs their own parrot so we learnt how to do running stitch to sew our very own pirate companion.


We're putting on a show!

Year 2 have been busy rehearsing songs and learning lines for a performance of 'Pirates versus Mermaids'. We can't wait to perform for our friends and family!

Pirates v. Mermaids

Pirate portraits

Pirate Treasure Hunt

We used our map reading skills to complete a treasure hunt around the school grounds. Clues had been hidden at different places on our map of the school and we had to use the map to direct us towards the next clue. We collected letters and objects which unlocked a secret code. We even had gold coins afterwards to celebrate!

Treasure Hunt