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Summer Term

It is your child's final half term in Year 2! WOW! It feels only a few weeks ago that they were joining us in September. We have got an exciting half term planned for them. This half term's newsletter has more details.

It is the end of our time in year 2. We have been learning about Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu described South Africa as a rainbow nation because of its diversity. We made a ‘rainbow nation’ and presented it to Mrs. Penney from everyone in year 2.

We have been learning about different fruit and vegetables grown in Africa. We have looked, smelled and tasted different ones.

We are learning about Kenya. We have looked at the Maasai tribe and their culture. We are making jewellery inspired by the jewellery they wear.

We have been learn African drumming with More Music. It was lots of fun.

African Drumming

Still image for this video

African Drumming

Still image for this video

African Drumming

Still image for this video

We are making African animal masks. First we designed our mask then we used paper mache to make it.

We have started painting our masks.

This half term, year 2 are visiting different countries on our virtual cruise.

I’m PE, we have been practising our batting technique. Miss Devey had to dodge a few balls!

2D have enjoyed visiting The Reading Cafe. We created our own reading menu with a starter, main course and desert. We shared our books and our recommendations for a good read.

We have been learning about famous sights in Australia. We learned about the cultural importance of Uluru to the Aboriginal people. We created art work inspired by Aboriginal art.

Today, we are having a pyjama and book day.

We have travelled to Australia on our virtual cruise. We have visited the Great Barrier Reef, we loved it and thought it was a very special place. One of our class brought in some photographs of their dad scuba diving there.

On Earth Day, we have learned about deforestation. We learned about why it happens and the problems it causes. We used our team work skills to make a pledge wreath of things we can do to care for our world.

Today, we have continued our cruise across the Indian Ocean and have arrived in Australia. We used our Bert the Bee teamwork learning powers to put together a map of Australia.

We have started learning about fractions and started our learning by cutting cakes into 2 equal parts that are each a half.

Year 2 have been learning how to solve division calculations. We have followed a map of the school grounds to find the different questions and solve them. Great Maths work and team work skills, 2D.

We are entering a ‘design a stamp’ competition. We have thought about who we think was a hero during lockdown. We are using these ideas to design our stamp.