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Super Science


We loved learning about different weather patterns with our weather in a jar experiments.  We created our very own snowstorm in a jar, a rain cloud in a jar and a tornado in a jar,

what super science!


If you would like to create your own special rain cloud in a jar at home you will need...

Shaving cream


A jar


Blue food colouring


Step 1: Add water to your jar leaving room at the top for shaving cream.

Step 2: Squirt shaving cream to fill the top of the jar.

Step 3: Drop your food colouring into the jar using your pipette.

Step 4: Watch and observe the 'rain' and seep down the shaving cream cloud. 


As you drop your food colouring down the shaving cream rain cloud it saturates the cloud, making it heavy and the rain starts falling down .  Just like a real rain cloud!  Have fun super scientists!