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Who has the X factor?


Last week you were asked to consider role models - who yours are, what qualities and attributes they posses and display that you wish to follow, how you try and be like them or their example.


This week we would like you to follow on from that and consider if these people are good leaders? 


Think of a time when you have played follow the leader or you have lead the class into an assembly or somewhere special like on a trip. How did it feel to be the leader? What about when you were following - how did that feel? 


So what is a leader? What makes the captain of a sporting team or a head teacher, or the Queen, or a leader in a school group, good for the job? How might they feel about being leaders? What qualities do they have that makes them a good leader of others? 


Draw a picture of somebody who you think is a good leader. Brainstorm all around it their qualities that make them good in this role. How many different ideas can you come up with?