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In 'The Secret Lake', it describes a certain shrub called a 'Rhododendron'. The name comes from Ancient Greek times meaning, 'rose tree'

Rhododendrons are grown for their spectacular flowers, which can be seen in Spring and early Summer and their leaves are evergreen.

Here are some that I photographed in the Lake District last week. Have you seen any?

Your task today is to watch the two videos below.

The first one shows you how to draw a rhododendron and the second, how to make rhododendron flower by using the Japanese art of origami.

Choose one, or both, to have a go at and send in your works of 'Rhododendron Art' to the Year 3 email address.

Have fun!

How to draw a Rhododendron flower in an easy way

origami flower: Rhododendron

Step by step making of origami flower i.e rhododendron. It is a national flower of Nepal. DIY. paper flower paper skirt: https://youtu.be/z4MUQGFeJiw faceboo...