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Thursday 10.12.20

You will find activities for today inside your paper pack.

They will be labelled Week 1 Session 3.




Warm-up is TT Rockstars

Try your 3x, 4x and 8x over the week.


Class 3B, an online multiplication battle with class 3H has been set for this week which ends on Friday at 3pm!

Good Luck!

Main Activity: Numberline to 100


Children complete the activities and plot numbers on a number line by following the steps on the worksheet.

There is a Powerpoint you can work through with your child before they begin this activity if you wish.

Children should be encouraged to check the start and end points on the number line as they may not always begin at zero. They can then be encouraged to find the half way points to help them.

English and Reading



Starter: learn spellings for the week- Homophones

Children can write the next 4 words into sentences.


English – Preposition Match Game

Children select a card from the pile and then they need to make a sentence including that preposition.


Reading Comprehension Activity: What is a Cowboy?

Read the first 2 sections: What is a Cowboy?    A Cowboy’s Job

Children to read and discuss the text with an adult. Children should then answer the questions independently.




The first task today is to follow the instructions in your pack to create a cornucopia.


The next challenge is to see if you can remember how to create your own animation on purple mash using 2animate (we looked at this on Friday in computing). I would really love to see a festive animation. It could include a reindeer, or Father Christmas on his sleigh!


Once you have logged in, go to HOME, TOOLS, scroll down to the Art and Design section and click on 2Animate.


Please save it in the file named 'Class 3B, 2020, Home Learning December'.



My example!