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Thursday 15.10.20

Goodnight and Sweet dreams from Golden Bear

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The Arrival of Golden Bear and Golden Bear's Surprise Challenge!

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Story Writing Challenge ✏

Can you write a story about Golden Bear going off on an adventure? The adventure could be anything your imagination wishes it to be! Golden Bear might ride a train or fly in a plane. He might swim with dolphins or get stuck on a pirate ship. He might even become a superhero...whatever your heart desires.

Don't forget to say your sentence aloud first and then use finger spaces when writing them down. Try to start your sentences with capital letters and finish them with a full stop. You might even join two ideas using 'and'.


Don't forget to share your stories with us..  Golden Bear can't wait to read them!

Good morning Year 1!

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Lovely Literacy 📝

Our Daily Weather Report ☀️🌧


Today is Thursday 15.10.20. What is the weather like today? Can you say your sentence aloud first? Use a capital letter for the day of the week and the beginning of your sentence? Use a full stop at the end of your sentence? Use your phonic sounds to write words e.g. ai in rain? Can you use the joining word ‘and’ to link your ideas and sentences? For example Today is it cloudy and sunny.  

Please remember to share your wonderful writing with us ✍️ 🌟

Super Spelling ✏

Calling all super spellers! It's time to practise those tricky words. Can you write your tricky words on the ground outside in your garden using chalk then ask another person in your household to call out a word? Find it and give it a good squirt of water! How many can you squirt in 30 seconds?

I   to   the   no   go   into    he    she    we    me     be

Golden Bear practising his tricky words in Miss Devey's garden...

Magic Mathematics ⚖

Today's Maths work involves counting in tens. Take lots of time to count in tens, forwards and backwards then take a look at your activity sheet.

Can you cut out the numbers at the bottom of the page and place them on the numberline in the correct order?

Ask someone in your house to call out a tens number. Can you count on in tens from that number? Can you tell them the tens number before and after the tens number they called out? 


Don't forget to send in pictures of your wonderful work. We would love to see how you get on! 📏

Cosmic Yoga 💡

It's cosmic yoga time!! Stretch out those legs, wiggle those arms and get ready for a yoga adventure all about 'The Hungry Caterpillar'.

Don't forget to send in your pictures to us. We'd love to see your super moves!

Oxford Owl 🦉 ebooks

We have set up our children on Oxford Owl. Oxford Owl is a brilliant resource in enabling you and your child to access some fantastic ebooks to read and share at home. I have attached some pictures above to show you how to access the collection of ebooks available. Why not take a minute or two today to settle down with a lovely ebook and practise your reading? Don't forget to use your phonics to help you sound out any unfamiliar words.


Username: class1kd

Password: class1kd


Username: class1d

Password: class1d